Austin Will Always Be Home For Dr. Jennifer Walden

Austin is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. This part of Texas is where people come to find a thriving arts scene was well as many business and educational opportunities. One Texas resident who knows just how much Austin has to offer is Austin native Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden tells Austin MD Magazine why she has returned right back where she started to begin an all new medical practice. The doctor grew up in the area and then decided that it was her ideal home. As so many other residents know, this is one part of the world that makes it easier than ever to combine raising children with a career that is satisfying for her and her many happy patients as well.

A Great Education

Before becoming a doctor, Walden had to find the right path for her. Even when she was small, she knew that medicine was going to be her field. She found that field of biology called to her own mind and her own talents. As she grew, she began to realize that she could do well in the field and have her pick of which particular area of medicine held the most fascination for her personally. This is why Walden decided on the field of plastics. Plastics allows her to directly help patients look and feel better. It also allows her to be part of a field where she knows she can truly make a difference in the lives of her many happy patients.

Opening Up A Practice

After graduating from the University of Texas, she was given the chance to further complete her education in New York City. Yet, still she wanted to return home. While New York City was ideal to help her learn more about her intended field, it was not her home. That home was Austin and that was where she came back. After giving birth to two healthy twin boys, she knew that her best shot at making an ideal life for them was to be back in Austin with her family. She remains extremely happy with her decision.


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