Why Is FreedomPop Adding More Free Options?

Mobile World Live came out with a piece that shows that FreedomPop is making even more talk time free for all its users. There are a lot of people who are turning to FreedomPop because they have a free service, but people can pay more if they need more data and minutes. FreedomPop already has one of the most unique business plans in the world, and now they are making it even more unique by using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is in a new partnership with FreedomPop to offer free usage to all their users, and WhatsApp usage is not going to count towards the data and minutes on someone’s plan when they are using it. This is a completely free way for people to chat, and it is an easy way for someone to get everything for free when they start with FreedomPop.

The best part of this is that anyone will be able to use the WhatsApp app no matter what their status is with FreedomPop.  The normal minutes and data on the phone can be used at any time, but people who are using WhatsApp are not cutting into those minutes at all. FreedomPop is trying to help people talk and text more, and this is a great resource for people who need it. The phones that FreedomPop offers in Spain are going to have WhatsApp on them ready to go, and everyone can get started with WhatsApp any time they want. This news is going to make FreedomPop more desirable, and it should be a precursor to what they will do in other countries in the future.

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