Eric Lefkofsky Aims to Defeat Cancer by Crunching the Numbers

Eric Lefkofsky has always been a man interested in data, but it wasn’t until his wife was diagnosed with the disease that he sat up and took notice of the lack of data available in the study and treatment of successful cancer treatments.

Sitting in various clinics as his wife was undergoing treatment left Eric with many questions for the medical staff, however, his questions were answered by blank stares due to lack of data on hand. One may wonder what data Lefkofsky was in search of because the average person doesn’t think of data while escorting their loved ones to cancer centers, but he did. Comparable data amongst patients with the same type cancers was rare if not undocumented at all. Data such as, why do only 60% of patients respond to certain chemotherapies or what age bracket are they in? Perhaps the medications they are already on are impacting them somehow? These and many more questions drove Eric Lefkofsky to find a solution so that cancer patients could receive accurate and therefore effective treatments.

The Journey of Tempus Begins

As a co-founder of Tempus, Erics goal was to answer his own questions in order to help the researchers and clinicians who treat cancer patients everyday. He voiced his concerns over the lack of a data base by stating, “The underlying infrastructure that researchers and clinicians were relying on was broken.”
Tempus therefore evolved naturally to help fix a broken medical data system. Tempus had the resources and the desire both personally and as a philanthropic endeavor to help find a better way to treat cancers.

Erics desire to help fix this broken data system led to his decision to use his expertise with data collection, streamline it, fill in all the important blanks and share this information with the medical community so that they in turn could treat cancer efficiently for individuals and do it faster too. To learn more about us: click here.

Eric Lefkofsky may have begun his journey to help one person but in real time he is helping individuals who are suffering from cancer to lead more rewarding lives while being treated.