Glen Wakeman’s Career Success and Mentorship of CEOs

Glen Wakeman created Launchpad Holdings LLC as a way to help business owners develop actionable plans. Wakeman believes that not all people understand that an idea is not a plan which led him to provide a solution. Wakeman is also a writer, spending his efforts creating blog posts on fiscal matters, strategy, and emerging markets. Launchpad Holdings was co-founded by Glen Wakeman in 2015. He has a background in business and finance, graduated from the University of Scranton with a BS in economics and finance. He also received an MBA from the University of Chicago. Afterwards, Wakeman accepted high-level executive positions at GE Capital.

Glen wakeman

The roles he has accepted have provided him a great deal of experience and Business Development as well as profit and loss. Wakeman is also known for developing a popular methodology outlined in five steps. The five performance Dimensions as defined by Wakeman are human capital, leadership, execution, governance, and risk management.

In more recent times, Glen Wakeman is a mentor, catering to C-level executives providing them with startup guidance, divestitures, entry into new markets, M&As, and growth. The steps that he provides allows a company to be more agile overall and on an individual level. His 5-step methodology helps businesses align vision, prepare for change, allow for constructive dissent, and the integration of Technology process and people.

Wakeman is also the president and the founder of a business accelerator called Nova Four. The accelerator caters to entrepreneurs who are in the formation stage of company development. Glen Wakeman Works directly with CEOs as a coach and serves on boards in order to help the company maintain the improvements that they’ve made using his methodologies.

The book he recommends others to read is the Art of War. He states that the book is filled with wisdom and strategy that applies to the real world. The lessons in the book apply to discipline, teamwork, and preparation. Wakeman has been asked what the best $100 that he ever spent was for. He stated that he bought a Spanish language course which allowed him to date his Argentinian wife. Wakeman believes his curiosity is his most productive trait. Wakeman was questioned what he would do differently if had to start his career all over again and this is what he mentioned.He wishes he had stayed in better contact with friends and associates over the years but finds that social media helps a great deal.

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