Contribution of William Saito in Tech Business

William Saito is amongst the “100 Most Influential Persons in Japan” and has been successful in software programming. William started his company while in high school level and 1998 he was named to be the Entrepreneur of the Year where his contribution in biometric authentication, encryption, and cyber security was recognized. He later sold his company to Microsoft and went to Tokyo and established InTecur that is technologies innovative firms that its primary aim is to ensure businesspersons are successful. Lots of companies that William Saito has served and his contribution was evident since the legacy that he left was remarkable.

William Saito has acted as an adviser to national governments including METI, MEXT, MLIT and MIC in Japan. Also, he offers teaching services to several universities. Most of the focus has been in the technology industry where William is a recognized investor. To the young entrepreneurs has been easy for them to achieve their goals through the assistance that is provided by Saito. He had a belief that failure is not a drawback rather it has been stepping stone for him in moving forward. It is through the innovations that he had in the field of security software development that made him serve in multiple universities.

Any person that is determined to succeed in investment should consult William Saito for advises since he has vast experience that he has used to help lots of organizations. Improvement in technology leverages most of the investments that are done by William since that is the current trend in the market. Besides, Saito is aware of the companies that are more significant to make investments hence it is not easy to risk the investments. According to William, he makes his day productive by interacting with people so that root for their problem is identified and innovative solution provided that will be of great benefit to all people.

Moreover, the success that William Saito has in the technology innovation industry has been attributed by ‘failure’ as a propeller in attaining his success. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, it is imperative to understand that failing is there, but it is imperative to use it to achieve your goals. Innovation in technology is the backbone of every business, and it must be implemented professionally.



James Dondero, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Who is James Dondero?

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of the company “Highland Capital Management”, an investment management firm based in Dallas, Texas that manages funds, structured investments, and more. Mr. Dondero has a deep commitment and objective to the further advancement of the city. Mr. Dondero is an alumni of the University of Virginia’s McIntire school of commerce. He achieved two bachelors in science degrees, and is renowned for his skill in the field of finance. Visit Nexbank to know more about James. His career started with a financial training program with JP Morgan in 84′. That opportunity allowed him to land a job at “American Express” where he worked for 4 years. During his time there, Mr. Dondero was trusted with the responsibility of managing/overseeing over $1 billion in income funds. Afterwards, in 89′ James was promoted to a seat as a Chief Investment Officer for the company “Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary”. Although the company started out as just an idea,  James was able to make it become a reality. The firm ended up becoming a successful $2 billion dollar corporation. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Highland Capital Management

After James Dondero felt he had gathered a sufficient amount of experience, he decided it was time to create his own business which he did in 93′. He named the management firm “Highland Capital Management” and through displaying his influential leadership created quite the name for himself as well as the business. Renowned as one of the biggest alternative credit managers on a global scale. James is not only a famous entrepreneur and businessman, but a dedicated philanthropist as well. In 2016, during “The Family Place’s” 21st annual Texas trailblazer awards, his firm donated over $1 million dollars to the organization. The family place is the cities leading group in supporting those who are victim to domestic violence. James Dondero is regarded highly in both sectors, finance, and humanitarianism works.


Personalization Without Personality Direct Marketing In A Digital Age

No you’re not crazy and yes your own private concierge works behind the scenes gathering all your very own habits and experiences to bring you personalized and specific content every day. If you have noticed that your favorite websites ads seem to be synced with your latest conversations, you may have met the AI system in charge of your personalized e-commerce experience.

Marketing is the cornerstone of any retailer that means big bucks and big data. Artificial Intelligence the brainchild of the digital age runs autonomous, using algorithms to gather information every time a card is swiped, the receipt printed or search bar inquiry is made which ultimately creates a new unique buying experience.

“If You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Customer, Your Competitor Will.” – Bob Hooey

In such a competitive market where access to information and various products are available the use of Artificial intelligence has taken on a different meaning and of course a more dynamic effect has taken shape.

Artificial Intelligence by its sheer creation is supposed to be able to build on patterns and recognize them before they take shape. When you join that concept with marketing and buying habits the sky is the limit to what it means for the consumer and more importantly the economy as a whole.

The advantage to using Ai comes in many forms to the consumer. According to an article published by Fast Company, 77% of consumers invite the Ai experience. Now an Artificially Intelligent machine may have written that article which poses the question of what is real data and what is artificial?

When you buy products are you being reminded to buy them or is this a suggestion that this product is better than what you currently use. How progressive is the use of Ai in marketing? With The advancement of Alexa and Siri are we as consumers buying into the whole concept of letting our computers think for us or are we on the verge of a new concept based on buying patterns that may result in the day and age of the Terminator?

Many articles I have found speak to the growing success of Artificial Intelligence and the marketing experience. This is disturbing as the concept of Artificial intelligence is being adopted in every aspect of our lives and the only discussion of the threat of Artificial Intelligence is found in specific fields. Yet the only field we all have in common is the field of consumerism.


Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair; Winning Financial Combination

Richard Blair attended the University of Houston and got his Bachelor’s degree in finance and Finance and Financial Management Service, before forming Wealth Solutions. Richard has always had a natural gift for finance and a passion for the world of education, owing to his firsthand knowledge and experience with teaching. His grandmother, mother, and wife all were teachers and from them learned how an education can empower others and increase their knowledge. His financial background and ability helped him in forming Wealth Solutions, so he could help others with their investments and retirement planning.


Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm helping small businesses, families, and individuals with personal financial planning. Sometimes there is confusion as to where and what to do with financial planning, and a professional can help take the guesswork out of it. Wealth Solutions not only advises, and helps people with protecting their assets, they also offer a learning center where an individual can sign up to receive weekly, monthly, or quarterly e-mails that help educate more on taking care of wealth management and having a better working relationship with client-advisor.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions follows a three pillar approach when dealing with clients and they are:


The First Pillar: Laying out the plan for what a client wants by identifying the strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and opportunity for growth to determine which road to take. This pillar helps in a client and Ricard building a strong and long relationship, by understanding of what a client’s goals, concerns, and lay out clear expectations.


The Second Pillar: This pillar is where Richard lays out a client’s long term investment strategy, based on the client’s liquidity needs and goals. He personally manages and allocates differently assets to help in getting maximum performance during upward market movement while minimizing the effect of negative market periods on a client’s portfolio. Performances are closely monitored and compared to client or company expectations, model and individual goals, and historical data.


The Third Pillar is once a client’s goals and strategies are established to provide acceptable growth and liquidity, Richard will go over insurance needs with a client. Client’s, and small businesses cannot always predict what will come with the future, so Richard assists in finding the right coverage, long-term care insurance, and annuities. Financial planning doesn’t have to be difficult. Having Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair on your side, can help in navigating your finances.




Altanta Hawks Ownership Takes Insurance Company to Court

Though no longer in control of the team, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, and its leader Bruce Levenson, are taking the New Hampshire Insurance Company to court over a what may be a breach in the company’s policy.

Following the company’s separation with former General Manager Danny Ferry, Levenson’s company claimed their insurance company failed to live up to what was stipulated in its policy, which ought to have covered workplace termination and related torts. In June of last year, Ferry reached a settlement with Levenson’s company to break his six-year contract at the halfway point. While the sum Ferry walked away with remains undisclosed we do know that the team’s insurance provider did not pay out. As a result ESPN reports that Levenson’s company has filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Fulton County for insurance bad faith and breach of contract.

The court is unable to disclose the amount in damages Bruce Levenson’s company is seeking from their insurance provider, but his lawyers seem confident that their case has enough merit to expose a breach in the policy that ought to have covered Ferry’s separation from the team. By neglecting their role in that legal exchange and refusing to back Levenson’s interests, the insurance company may be found liable.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson’s professional career began writing for the Washington Star before branching his talents out to Oliver Publishing. Before long, Levenson turned to business. Along with Ed Peskowitz, he founded the United Communications Group, where he has been Partner for more than 20 years. This hasn’t slowed down his interests in other ventures, such as owning the Atlanta Hawks and taking on the role of Director for Tech target.

When he isn’t busy with his professional life Levenson is active in philanthropy, says PR News. Most notably, he’s served as President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”.