The Successes of Steven Hicks with Southridge Capital

Founded in the year 1996, by Steven Hicks, Southridge Capital can easily be declared as a successful company in present time. Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital is a financial solutions company. Boasting an impressive understanding of the marketplace and a record of excellent executions of financial plans, since its inception in the year 1996, Southridge Capital has invested roughly $1.8 billion into growth companies worldwide.


The impressive numbers at Southridge Capital continue with the financing of roughly 250 companies. Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization and various other services are provided by the highly successful globally renowned financial solutions company. Their services also extend beyond big companies and growing companies, as even an individual struggling with debt issues can benefit from this company. Such diverse client base allows Southridge to become one of the top contenders in the world of financial solution companies. All of the above mentioned successes for the company have come under the experienced leadership of their founder and Chief Executive Officer, Steven Hicks. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Holding an impressive record in his 30 years of experience in the investment industry, Steven Hicks received his BS in Business Administration from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York, and an MBA from Fordham University, in New York City. In an interview he explains that he had the idea of Southridge when the principal of the previous NY hedge fund he worked for decided to move to Australia. Steven used the year it took to wind down the company to start Southridge Capital with his own hedge fund. Steven is a very organized individual who likes to start his day by listing the things he needs to get done that day and then allocates his time accordingly. Steven uses his experience and connections in Wall St to benefit his business. Steven has expressed great interest in the recent trend of cryptocurrency. He recommends starting a channel or a podcast discussing the various kinds of cryptocurrency with special guests saying the idea is a guaranteed success. As an entrepreneur, Steven Hicks believes that his organization of daily tasks is the biggest reason behind his success and productivity.



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Organo Gold Produces Quality and Healthy Products that are infused with the Ganoderma Powder.

Quality is always one of the factors to consider before purchasing any product. Since people consume beverages such as coffee and tea on a regular basis, the consumer is always on the lookout for products that will give guarantee value for the money spent.

Background Information

Consumers will always sample the various products that are in the market. At the end of it all, people who prefer coffee will be able to tell which company produces the best coffee, and the same case applies to tea. In this case, Organo Gold has been classified as being a company that makes sure that the quality of the coffee that they produce and distribute is always in check. With that said, Organo Gold produces various products other than coffee. The products manufactured by Organo Gold are listed below;


There is a considerable population of coffee lovers worldwide. People consume coffee regularly while at the office or elsewhere, instant coffee accrues as the most preferred form of coffee to such individuals. Well, most coffee enthusiasts may have tried out most of the coffee brands and most of them have acknowledged the quality of coffee that Organo Gold has been producing over time. The company always advocates for the use of organic products and they also make sure that their products have the Ganoderma powder in them.The Ganoderma powder has a load full of health benefits. With that said, the fact that Organo Gold products are made through the use of purely organic products, the presence of the Ganoderma powder in the company’s products ensures that consumers get to consume healthy products all the time.

Additional Information

When it comes down to tea, Organo Gold produces red and green tea. The tea produced by Organo Gold also has a touch of the Ganoderma powder which is utilized for the many health benefits that it contains. Tea produced by Organo Gold is bound to strengthen the human immune system thanks to the addition of the Ganoderma powder. Apart from that, the tea is also rich in antioxidants.


Shafik Sachedina Leads Sussex Healthcare Towards Excellent Nursing

Retirees have different healthcare needs from time to time. The current senior communities have responded to these needs by providing options that suit every individual. Even though tailored options assist with ensuring that the elderly who need care receive it, the multiple numbers of prospects have made it challenging for people to find the best senior assisted living care facility. Nevertheless, Shafik Sachedina has shaped his career around Sussex Healthcare, one of the world’s leading senior assisted facility.

Leadership Duties

For Shafik Sachedina, compassionate concern for clients alongside the capability to offer physical support to them is of great importance to the whole management. With his leadership, Sussex Healthcare has been running twenty homes while offering exceptional comprehension of clients’ needs. He has also propelled the provision of a broad spectrum of services for clients. These services extend to treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, physical and learning difficulties as well as neurological disabilities.

Modernized Approach towards Healthcare

As joint chairman of Sussex, Shafik Sachedina has also led his team towards acquiring a deep understanding of patient’s healthcare needs. Today, Sussex Healthcare offers supportive care for critical areas of life. He provides access to leisure via different participatory social as well as recreational programs that promote good health. Moreover, the facility is dedicated to treating patients through a notable difference made to separate Sussex Healthcare from other senior living assisted facilities.

Career Profile

Besides, Sachedina is the head of the Jamati Institutions. He chairs the department and is in charge of general operations. He is also the head of coordinating projects in Ismaili Institutions. Together with his association with the prestigious Aga Khan Foundation, Sachedina has exuded confidence in leadership and business management.


Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania. He acquired a degree in dental surgery from the prominent London University and later joined Guy’s Hospital of Dental School. Today, he is revered for being an outstanding leader with vast experience in hospitality. Those who aspire to work in this line of career can look up to him since they can borrow some skills to excel. Apart from that, he has changed people’s lives by providing excellent hospitality services.

Malcolm CasSelle the Genius

Malcolm CasSelle is a leader and salespersons in the game virtual assets in OPSKins. In addition to his role of sales, Malcolm CasSelle is considered as the number one in the planet as bitcoin trader. The main reason why Malcolm is regarded as the best trader in the cryptocurrency is his vast online following across the globe. The introduction of the cryptocurrency is perceived as a game changer in the gaming world. In the bid to improve the virtual games within the world, there are plans to launch a new blockchain platform to facilitate trading. The organization OPSkins is in the process of developing WAX which is the P2P marketplace for facilitating the efficient transaction of traders. Malcolm as the President of WAX is confident that the platform will unlock the utilization of the cryptocurrency to the mainstream economy.

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned individual who holds the portfolio of being the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) as well as CIO of OPSkins, which is ranked the best place to buy and sell online video games. Before joining the OPSkins, Malcolm was the president at tronic where he oversaw the rapid growth of the organization as well as leveraging digital assets. Malcolm has in the past being involved significantly on issues to do with digital industry. For instance, he led several startups in the digital sector such as MediaPass, which is the best leading digital solution provider to well-established media companies. Besides, Malcolm CasSelle is an active investor when it comes to Tech Company. For instance, he has invested in companies such as Facebook and Zynga. One of the notable achievement of Malcolm is his involvement in the co-founding the PCCW, a public traded telecom in Hong Kong which is currently valued at $35 billion. During his time in PCCW, he played a significant role in raising the company capital during the initial public offer. His success in the tech world can be attributed to his passion in the field as well as his two Computer Science both from Stanford University and MIT. Malcolm is eloquent in both Mandarin and Japanese making it possible to relate with the clients.

Sahm Adrangi Knows How to Help His Clients

As the founder and current CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi knows there’s a lot of value that comes from running a company. He also knows people have the chances they need based on the way they do business. Sahm Adrangi likes to make sure other people can see what they can get from different situations before he makes the choice to give back to the community. Thanks to his hard work, more people have the ability to try different things than they ever did before. He wants them to know there are things that will help people through the most difficult parts of the industry. It’s his goal to keep trying things and keep doing the best job possible. By looking at everything he does, Sahm Adrangi knows what he can do to make a difference for the people who work hard to come up with positive experiences.

It’s Sahm’s goal to make sure he knows what his clients want. Without knowing what they want to do with their money, he has no way to manage their assets. Sahm must make sure he’s giving the clients what they need. Since he founded the company, Sahm Adrangi stands behind every decision he makes with it. He wants other people to realize they’re getting the best experience possible so they can make better choices. It was his idea to create a positive investment firm that continued to create unique plans for everyone in the industry. Sahm knew this and also knew he wanted people to understand he was among the best in the business.

For years, Sahm Adrangi practiced coming up with new options for all his clients. He wants them to realize he’s the best in the business and he knows what he can do to help people. Everything he does is important to the Kerrisdale Capital Management brand. Because he knows what to expect from others, he feels he can continue giving them positive experiences that will allow them to succeed for years to come. He always knew what people wanted to do and felt comfortable giving them the best experience possible.

Aloha Construction Thrives In Illinois

Aloha Construction is a family-owned business with clients across multiple states. The business doesn’t have an impressive origin story, but it provides quality contract services without flaw. They offer construction services throughout Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Their decade of experience makes them ready for any task their clients might have.

The work Aloha Construction does cover a wide gamut of construction needs. Their most popular services are roofing and siding. The weather patterns of the Midwest makes maintaining quality roofs difficult. Rain and snow can easily destroy houses, and the cost of fixing these problems is usually high. Aloha Construction provides the help necessary to prevent weather damage at an affordable price. Beyond these services, the construction firm focuses on structural work. If you need a basic house skeleton, they’ll build one in no time. Expanding on their initial services is how this company keeps growing.

It’s important to combine quality and quantity, and Aloha Construction provides both. The company has received awards from numerous industry organizations for their focus on customer satisfaction. Many construction companies fail to provide their clients with long-lasting results. The durability of their construction work separates them from the rest of the competition. The success of this company is spreading the word about them, and their services are now available in Wisconsin.

Expanding services across state lines is how businesses become an empire. Most people living outside of the Midwest haven’t heard about this company. If the company continues to improve itself, we’re going to see them branch out throughout the United States. Construction companies worry about the tasks we ignore even though we need to fix them. Everyone needs a roof over their head, and that roof needs to be properly constructed. Through years of practice and experience, Aloha Construction gives its clients the houses they need.