Adam Milstein and Other Israelis Who Have Moved to America

Adam Milstein is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a highly successful real estate firm in California. He was born in Israel but has lived in Los Angeles since 1981. He is active in a variety of Jewish causes, most notably being a co-founder and the current chairman of the Israel-American Council, which strives to create a community for other Israeli ex-pats.

As highlighted in a May 2018 Newsweek article, Adam Milstein is one of many successful Israelis who have made their home in the United States, and their numbers have been growing in recent years. He notes that the newcomers are different from those of his own generation: while he and his wife, Gila, originally saw their life in America as temporary, most of the newer immigrants come knowing that they will likely stay permanently.

This has caused some concern for the Israeli government. In 2011 it began I-CORE, a bid to lure scholarly émigrés back to the homeland, but it was discontinued within three years. 2013 began “the Israel Brain Gain Program,” a similar initiative aimed at talented people like Adam Milstein, but last year that also ended. It seems as if the problem cannot be solved without addressing the major issues that are driving so many Israeli natives away.

What are these issues? For one, the cost of living in Israel is very high while the average pay (which is $2,765 before taxes) is lower than in other Western countries. Many Israeli-Americans report that they simply could not hope to become successful without moving. Others issues are cultural: observant Jews are becoming a larger demographic (due mostly to high birth rates) and gaining more political clout, while most of the émigrés are young and secular. This also exacerbates economic issues, as many Haredi Jews live off government assistance while considering unpaid religious studies to be their main vocation.

These are all difficult issues to resolve, but if Israel wants to survive it will need to find some way to retain people like Adam Milstein and the hundreds of thousands of others who are leaving the country.

Beauty Writer Experiences Who What Where and WEN by Chaz for Hair Care

Your crowning glory is very important, especially if you’re a woman. The more good hair days you have, the happier and more confident you appear. That’s why the proper hair care routine is essential, and the products on store shelves at the moment, aren’t doing you any favors.

Just ask beauty blogger Emily McClure. She will tell you that her mane is naturally fine, greasy and unruly and that she really dreams about Hollywood hair. Emily battles her limp locks daily and decided to try the famous WEN by Chaz no-lather shampoo system for fabulous, shiny tresses.

WEN‘s a well-respected brand that’s loved around the world. Chaz Dean is the popular west coast stylist-to-the-stars who invented the WEN by Chaz system. He removed the harmful sulfates from lather shampoos and gooey conditioners and replaced them with a one-bottle treatment full of natural, healthy botanical. WEN delivers incredible, shine, bounce and strength to hair of any type. He sells his products exclusively on Amazon and high end cosmetics stores like sephora.

Emily planned on a 7-day personal WEN hair challenge and snapped daily photos of her hair and kept a hair log. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner and hopped into the shower for her daily wash.

Emily loved the feel of the unique cleansing conditioner, because it made her hair soft to the texture. After she blow-dried and styled, she was impressed with the results. The hair selfies Emily took show a lovely woman with hair that looks super shiny, big and has movement. When Emily met her friends one evening for drinks, they could all tell immediately that Emily had new and improved hair.

Emily concluded that Wen gives superior results if you can stick to the daily AM WEN wash. If you go off the routine, your locks will not look as bouncy. Still, a wonderful experience for Emily.

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Getting Beauty Tips from Wengie

Wengie has made a real name for herself by making things easy for people that want to engage in applying cosmetics. This is one of those bloggers that has become very well-known on the Australian community. This is a person that has made millions of people more knowledgeable on the different types of ways that they can apply makeup. Wengie has truly expanded her audience by delivering some awesome skincare tips to all those that are in need of better ways to make themselves look pretty with various eyeliner and lipstick shades.

The bulk of people that have seen her videos will subscribe to her channel. This is how she has started to make money through YouTube. In Australia, she is the top among the beauty channels. She gives great skincare tips for applying and removing makeup. It is good for young women to have someone like Wengie because she helps young women that are just getting started with makeup. She also plays an important part in telling women about the type of makeup that they should buy to create certain effects.

The Wengie channel is something that is designed to help many people that may not have access to the most expensive makeup. Wengie will help people find the best deals on makeup as well. This has become the way that most people sort out what they are going to buy. The people that have video blogs like Wengie are typically the people that have tried things out first. They are the ones that are essentially testing products. It is helpful for these people like Wengie to try out new makeup and skincare products. This allows subscribers to her channel to save money on something that may not be useful for what they are trying to accomplish.

Wengie has managed to become the top Asian beauty consultant because she possesses everything that one needs to make people take interest in her videos. She is young, witty and pretty, and she has the ability to provide a lot of people with valuable information that they want to know about cosmetics.


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