CEO Profile on William Saito

William Saito was born on the 23rd of March in the year 1971. He is a native of both Japan and America and is not only a specialist in cybersecurity but also a former strategic and political advisor of Japan. William Saito is also an entrepreneurial leader and since time immemorial he has been greatly involved in matters related to technology.

A brief history

Apparently, Saito’s parents immigrated to the United States two years before he was born. This was in the year 1969 and they came from Japan. Thus, he was born and raised in Los Angeles which is located in California. William Saito went to the California University where he partook a Biomedical Science Program and this was in 1988.

The Love for Cybersecurity

At just the age of 10, William Saito was already involved in the tech world since he acquired his first computer programming internship at this age. Well, while in college he began his personal cybersecurity venture which ultimately actualized in 1991 when it became an I/O Software. Well, this organization played a crucial role in the Japanese software platform because of factors such as the establishment of authentication instruments like fingerprint recognition that was in partnership with popular firms like Sony. The entrepreneurial giant was able to sell his I/O Software eventually to Bill Gate’s tech company, Microsoft, and this took place in 2000.

The Transition to the Top

Growing up, William Saito had unquenched enthusiasm for technology majorly because of the growth of personal computing. As a result, he received encouragements from his science teacher to grow his science and math skills. He also had his own share of struggles like poor communication skills when it came to speaking English and this was caused mainly because of his Japanese parents who could not speak fluent English. But this didn’t weigh him down because he always had a mind that was engineering oriented. In his recent book, An Unprogrammed Life, he explains how he would always wonder how the gadgets in his home operated. His parents were very supportive and bought him an IBM computer which came from their second house mortgage.

He later taught himself how to code in the computer languages of that generation and developed greatly in this field. He has gotten to work on PC-based thumbprint scanner establishment and so much more.