Instantly Ageless: Why Wait To Look Younger?

Plenty of youth enhancing products out in the marketplace claim that they are able to help make you look and feel younger. What they frequently don’t mention is just how long you have to take them in order to start to see any results. Worse yet, a lot of them are untested and don’t really do all that they say that they will. That is exactly why it is more important now than ever to check out something like instantly ageless for your own beauty care.

What you get with instantly ageless that you just don’t see with other products is that sense that it goes to work right away. It is right there in the name of the product! That really is the truth though as it starts to work on you in as little as two minutes. You can start to see your wrinkles fade away as you scrub this product right on. That is a really nice thing as most people are rather embarrassed of their wrinkles and would like to have some kind of solution to get them taken care of.

Instantly Ageless is a product of the youth and beauty company called Jeunesse Global. They are a company that specializes in trying to help people live as happy and healthy of a life as possible. For a lot of individuals the happy part of that equation means looking younger as well. They will not feel that they are truly doing much to live the good life if they do not have a way of looking and feeling their best.

This particular product is definitely meant to be used when you are in need of looking your best in a hurry. You have to run out to some event or something like that and don’t want those annoying wrinkles to be in your eyes and clouding your look overall. That is an understandable position that a lot of people probably find themselves in from time to time. Fortunately, you do not have to live with that issue if you do not want to. Just apply some Instantly Ageless and start to look and feel better.

How EOS Beat Chapstick in the Lip Balm Game

If there isn’t a ja of EOS in your pocket now, maybe it is time to change things. Recently, EOS sales soared past those of Chapstick, the lip balm of choice for men and women for hundreds of years to soothe their lips. Although Burt’s Bees brand had higher sales than EOS, the company, who produces natural-ingredient lip balms, sells over one-million units each week.

The EOS brand is one you’ve likely saw numerous times. For just over seven years now the brand has been making waves as the preferred choice of an elite group of people, including fashion magazine editors, A-list celebrities, and drug store company purchasing departments. The brand has been featured on magazines like Elle and is used by celebs like Kim Kardashian.

EOS uses only natural ingredients in their lip balms, one of the major factors in the brand’s quick engagement and fast sales. Consumers today are growing ever-concerned over the ingredients found inside of skin care products, including lip balms, and seek those using natural ingredients. Taking thins even further, EOS designs their balms to enlighten the senses of the women wearing it. Today, the products are being sold by popular stores such as Walmart, Target, Well and Walgreens. The products are also available online on Amazon, Ulta and eBay(

The marketing implemented by EOS is yet another contributing factor to the brand’s success and lip balm domination. The company used traditional marketing methods, however, they took things one step farther, using influencer marketing to enhance their brand. That decision, in just seven short years, paid off very well. For more info, visit