Mike Bagguley was given the investment unit role at Barclays

In the investment banking unit, Barclays has beefed up the field with hiring a new person that will be in the chief operating officer position. They have one goal that they will be able to return to the days they had the best glory days. The change that the company has done is that they have changed Mike Bagguley from the position that he was, he was working as the unit head of the macro markets, and he was given a new role. In the new role he will be under the leadership of Tom King who is the chief executive of the company.

The move of position is the latest change that the company has done when it comes to the banking giants, and it confirmed that the former Jp Morgan banker that is Jes Staley would be taking over the position of Antony Jenkins who was the chief executive. A move that they hope will be able to strengthen the investment banking business. Mike Bagguley in the position that he previously held in the macro business he had reshaped it and reduced the risks. In the position, it included things like interest rates, commodities products, and foreign exchange. One of the duties that mike Bugguley will be responsible for in the new position is that in the investment bank he will be co-coordinating significant projects.

The reason why Barclays was hiring new people is that they needed to see a change in the survives that they were offering and they knew the best way was to change management. The reason why Mike Bagguley was hired is that he was in the best position to help the company in the cutting down of the cost and improve their profitability. The other thing that he would be responsible for is aligning the infrastructure functions, and for the project, he will assist in the coordinating them and deliver on the plans. The first position that he held was in London, and over the years he has held other roles in places like New York, Tokyo, and Johannesburg. Over the years what it was expected of Mike he has been able to deliver just that and more.


GreenSky Credit is the Future

Everyone at some point in their lives will need extra money for planned or unplanned expenses. That is why people across the country are turning to GreenSky Credit for help with financing. They are one of the top leaders in the consumer finance marketplace.

The Beginning

David Zalik began his foray into the business world at a very early age. As a college student, he started a computer company that became a success. He later sold it and used the profits to further pad his portfolio. Today, David is the founder and CEO of GreenSky. His intellect and drive has made him the success he is.

Loan Process

GreenSky has based its success around mobile credit. The fast paced world of today requires quick turnaround times. With GreenSky Credit, it only takes a smartphone and a few minutes to get approved for a loan.

Making a Connection

The GreenSky Credit is based on the premise of connecting consumers with banks. They run the application process and the financial institutions take it from there. People have found out just how easy it is to get approved for a loan because of GreenSky Credit.


The average person does not have the time to search for a bank that will finance their loan. GreenSky does the work for them. A quick scan of a driver’s license and few short questions gets the process rolling.

A Need

There was a need for a better way to find financing and David Zalik found it. He first began with home remodeling loans. Contractors needed a way for their customers to get loans. David jumped on the opportunity to make this into something big. His innovative concepts have changed the way financing is handled. He is a leader within the industry and continues to make all of his businesses a success.

Mobile Credit

The mobile credit concept is relatively new. It is proving to be the wave of the future. David Zalik has plans to take it even further. With his drive to succeed and business savvy, there is no limit to what he can do.