Robert Ivy and the Formation of the Architects Profession

Trade and Professional Associations

There are many reasons with trade associations are formed and implemented. According to Robert Ivy, CEO and Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the credibility members receive from being associated with a professional organization. What is it that differentiates a trade association from a professional association. The first thing that becomes evident in a trade association is the number of members. It could be understood form analogy. Just as a university receives every kind of application and accepts many who have only General Studies in their interest, the University itself forms every kind of profession useful to serve society. In the same way that a trade association receives every kind of member in its ranks, but the professional association has its interest in forming the most astute members in its ranks and those who will excel in its profession. Last year there were in the surplus of 90,000 associations, both trade and professional. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Support for Members

Professional associations, like AIA, led by Robert Ivy, cater to the needs of its members for professional tools as well as the knowledge that will fuel their professional development. Robert Ivy leads AIA forward with the best professional tools possible for its members. Besides its professional architecture journal, “The Journal of the American Institute of Architects,” they also public an online journal, and several newsletters which its 90,000 members receive daily, bi-weekly or monthly.


Professional Development

Besides carrying the usual tools for architects like codes and standards, the AIA website also has links to professional schools where its members can sign up for professional development classes, read guest articles and stay in touch with the latest trends, practices or legislation for city developers and architectural innovations. Robert Ivy has been keen on making sure that whatever AIA publishes is at the highest standards of its members and the advancement of the architects professional status.

Another reason why persons seek out professional association is called strength by association, which means that those who are associated with a professional group find courage and a common bond among peers of the same professional interest. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.