Insights about ClassDojo

ClassDojo has made it easy for teachers to monitor their student’s behavior. The online platform has also brought a revolution in the way the students carry out their activities in the school compounds. Through the easy monitoring that ClassDojo offers to its user, it has become easy for parents to understand the ability of their children as well as monitor their class work. Through the platform, teachers get to reward their students with specific dojos, which they can later review through their specific profiles. Besides, a student’s parent or guardian can also review their kid’s performance through ClassDojo and this makes it easier to also communicate with their teachers.

Through ClassDojo, teachers have been able to save time used in their teaching programs. By monitoring and rewarding behavior through a single click, teachers have been able to save time that they would rather spend doing it manually. The fast results that the platform has offered for its teachers and parents have been highly amended and its founders also look forward towards establishing more fast platforms to facilitate classroom activities.

Additionally, sharing of data has also become easy through ClassDojo. Teachers can share information among themselves automatically and later forward it to the student`s parents. The platform has also enabled teachers to upload the student’s results online at a single click for parents to view. Rewarding positive behavior has also become easy through ClasDojo and it has also served a great motivation to the students. Besides, parents have also been able to correct negative behavior from their kids through viewing the teacher`s comments. Besides, they have been able to track the day`s activities of their loved ones easily through the platform and together, parents have got a chance to have fun with their kids.

The platform also has great features that have enabled teachers to conduct their evaluation processes faster and easier. Through Trendspotter feature, the teachers have tracked the various trends in their student’s behavior and as a result, they have successfully corrected them. The great motivation that ClassDojo offers to students has also marked a positive outcome in their performance and this has served as an encouragement to teachers.

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