Anthony Petrello: An Individual Who Donated Millions To A Local Hospital

Those who don’t know, Petrello all his life said that he was a mathematic professional who spent hours working on complicated equations in high school. When he completed his education and earned a scholarship to study match at Yale. After completed his graduation in math, he chose law instead of math due to some personal reason. And for that purpose, he completed JD from Law School in Harvard.

Anthony Petrello then began his professional career with Baker & McKenzie, a NY law firm. Within very few years, due to his dedication, experiences, and talent, he became MD for its NY office. After few more years, Nabors Industries hired him as COO. Nabors is oil and gas drilling giant which is based n Texas promoted him for the presidency the next year.

Petrello donated US$7 million to a Children hospital in Texas after his daughter diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This funding was used to construct a neurological research center. And he does not stop at that donation, but he keeps donating this department to equip it with the latest machinery and skilled staff. Due to that he soon became director of that Children’s Hospital.

Petrello is also a Director of Stewart & Stevenson. Tony has come a long way from lower class roots to the headquarters of Nabors Industries in Houston, Texas. And that he achieved that position due to hard work, commitment and his love to do something for humanity. Even though he is working as president in Nabors, but he still likes to solve the problem by assisting local students.

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Tammy Mazzocco’s real estate success

Tammy Mazzocco admits that her success is because of good goal setting and following through with actions. She outlines the tasks to be accomplished each day, week, or month to attain the set goals.

Tammy’s real estate career started while working as a secretary at Edwards Realty Company. At the company, she mingled with nine commercial real estate agents under Mike Zelnik’s leadership. She also spent some years managing condominiums in Scotland Yard. During that time, she received a real estate agent license in 1995.

Cook Realty inspired and encouraged Mazzocco into the real estate business. She worked as a multi-site property manager at T&P Properties before becoming a personal assistant for producer Joe Armeni. Working for Joe who is a very successful real estate developer and agent further inspired her career. According to, later, she joined Judy Gang & Associates in Ohio where she was selling residential real estate in central Ohio counties such as Delaware, Franklin, Fairfield, and Licking.

Tammy Mazzocco starts her day with meditation and light exercises. She believes in starting with simple tasks before opening her emails to start dealing with real estate work. Before implementing these ideas, she writes a business plan, brainstorms, and does research then she tests the feasibility of that idea.

She receives leads of potential customers from companies. Thereafter, she makes contact before setting an appointment. Tammy is very convincing and always makes a sale once she gets the appointment. One of the key things that bring success in real estate is acting on set goals. Tammy acknowledges that success is only achieved through good client relations and making sound investments. A person should not focus so much on the commissions that they will receive at the close of the deal but focus on what is best for the client.

To cultivate business growth, use lead generating companies and good customer service. This often generates 85 percent of repeat business. Entrepreneurs should be themselves and believe in their businesses if they want to succeed.

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The Amazing Success of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is an individual who has been excelling in the world of finance for quite some time now. As CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar has learned how to manage assets in the fast-paced marketplace.

Bonar even received the Cambridge Whos Who Executive of the Year award due to his amazing success with Dalrada Financial Corporation.

With his 30 years of experience in the industry, Bonar has a great way of moving companies forward into the future. There are few individuals who really know as much about employee benefits inside of corporations. Bonar has a very special way of knowing just what is needed in diverse employee benefits packages.

One of the jobs Bonar has had a head marketing liaison is supplying employee programs that increase business efficiency. These employee programs provide workers comp insurance, benefits, and many more perks that help to keep employees satisfied at their current jobs. Read more: TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc. and All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

Bonar has been able to navigate the fast-paced business world and bring forth great change in employee programs to many different organizations. This is what has been the greatest building block of Bonar’s career thus far.

Brian Bonar has a Ph.D which helps him in the development of different corporations. He has spent decades becoming one of the best in the employee benefits industry. The future is looking very bright for Bonar as he works on new programs and ways to create satisfaction with employees in different corporations.

The business world continues to look at Brian Bonar as a great example for how employee benefits should be packaged. This is something that is pushing forward not only Bonar’s personal career but the employee benefits industry as well. It will be exciting to see the new improvements that Bonar will be making to the employee benefits industry over the coming years.