Betsy DeVos Shows Her True Colors As She Continues To Stand On Her Principles And Ethical Leanings

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, there aren’t many individuals who have done as much for the city as Betsy DeVos has. While she was born in Holland, Michigan, she has called Grand Rapids her home for many years. Her service has extended to the entire state of Michigan, where she has been a large part of making many positive changes that have benefited all of the state’s residents.


Betsy DeVos is not only a reformer, but she has also been referred to as a steely and determined woman who should not be underestimated. The residents of Michigan have known this for many years as she has served in many different posts in the state. She served as the chairman for the Michigan Republican party for six years and has also sat on the board of many different charitable organizations that benefit the educational sector.


When Betsy DeVos was called in by president Trump to serve as the Secretary of Education for her country, she stepped up to the plate. Some people were confused when she appeared to go along with the administration when president Trump announced he would be rescinding a policy that allowed transgender students to use a bathroom of their choice. An aide of hers had communicated that she was not in support of the president’s move, but she never stated as much in the eye of the public.


During her confirmation hearings, Betsy DeVos, again, surprised people when she appeared to have a hard time answering the questions given to her by Democrats who opposed her confirmation. Many people saw the way DeVos was treated during this time as a personal attack on her due to her educational choice positions. After all of the smoke cleared and she was confirmed in narrowly, with the deciding vote being cast by vice president Mike Pence, she moved on and got to work right away. Some wondered how bothered she was by the fact that her political opposition tried to make a fool out of her. It was revealed in interviews, after the fact, that she was a bit bothered but decided not to waste her time responding to the fiasco.


This is classic Betsy DeVos, and those who know her best know she has faced this kind of opposition for most of her life. The determined businesswoman and entrepreneur has never let those who disagree with her slow her down. In fact, she got to work right away after her confirmation and began by going on a tour of schools in the state of Florida. She even made a surprise appearance with Armando Christian PĂ©rez who is also known as the rapper Pitbull. Even though DeVos is a conservative Christian who is not a fan of Pitbull’s derogatory rap music, she decided to support his move to create a set of charter schools. Most people who know her were not surprised due to her dedication to help improve the educational sector in her home country. For DeVos, this is just another step closer towards giving American families a wider selection of choices when it comes to the schools they can place their kids in.


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