Anthony Petrello: An Individual Who Donated Millions To A Local Hospital

Those who don’t know, Petrello all his life said that he was a mathematic professional who spent hours working on complicated equations in high school. When he completed his education and earned a scholarship to study match at Yale. After completed his graduation in math, he chose law instead of math due to some personal reason. And for that purpose, he completed JD from Law School in Harvard.

Anthony Petrello then began his professional career with Baker & McKenzie, a NY law firm. Within very few years, due to his dedication, experiences, and talent, he became MD for its NY office. After few more years, Nabors Industries hired him as COO. Nabors is oil and gas drilling giant which is based n Texas promoted him for the presidency the next year.

Petrello donated US$7 million to a Children hospital in Texas after his daughter diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This funding was used to construct a neurological research center. And he does not stop at that donation, but he keeps donating this department to equip it with the latest machinery and skilled staff. Due to that he soon became director of that Children’s Hospital.

Petrello is also a Director of Stewart & Stevenson. Tony has come a long way from lower class roots to the headquarters of Nabors Industries in Houston, Texas. And that he achieved that position due to hard work, commitment and his love to do something for humanity. Even though he is working as president in Nabors, but he still likes to solve the problem by assisting local students.

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