Gulf Coast Western’s CEO Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western is the central controller of general partnerships taking place in the industry of oil and gas. The company is also known as Joint Ventures and was founded in 1970 and has its locations spread across Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

Matthew Fleeger is the current President and CEO of the company. According to the company, all its success is mainly a result of healthy relationships with its partners and clients. In Louisiana, the company has grown through two significant partnerships. Through its partners, the company acquired almost all the resources owned by the company known as Orbit Energy. Gulf Coast Western also partnered with another company known as the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration.

Partnering with the two companies has enabled the company in the development of more prospects with mutual interests in areas such as Allen, Acadia, Cameron, and St. Landry parishes. Another partnership that has benefited Gulf Western Coast is that with Northcote Energy Company that is based in southeast Louisiana. The association has enabled the company to produce close to 5 million barrels of oil effortlessly.

Moreover, the partnership also involves a multi-well drilling project in more than two areas. Alongside the exploration within areas of the Gulf Coast that are known for their oil production, the company has been exploring to try and expand to other outer regions in the United States. Gulf Coast Western continues to form partnerships and collaborations with as many big companies as possible. Matthew Fleeger is currently recognized as an expert in the oil and gas industry, as well as tanning and waste management industries.

The executive studied at the Cox Business School where he was specializing in the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and majored in marketing, finance, and management, which has helped him in his tenure around his jobs at executive positions within the waste management industry, the tanning industry, and now the oil and gas industry.

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