Bruno Fagali Gives Attention to Legal Issues

     Since Bruno Fagali is an attorney, it’s his job to show people they can overcome legal issues. It’s also his job to make sure other people see they can do things the right way as long as they have a strong attorney behind them. As one of the best in Brazil, Bruno Fagali knows what he can do to make a difference. He felt good about the positive experiences people got from him and he felt there were different ways for him to do things the right way. It was his goal of helping that led to him making positive decisions no matter what he did. For Bruno Fagali, the point of providing these experiences was his way of making a difference for all the people he worked with. His clients got more from everything he did and gave back to the communities they came from because of the hard work he put in things.

As Bruno Fagali learned more about the issues many of these people faced, he wanted to do more to keep helping them. It was his goal of helping that led to him trying different things and trying to show other people how they could get more from the opportunities they had. Bruno Fagali liked people to see he was a great influence on the community and he had a chance to do more with everything he offered different people. All his clients were glad for the work he did and for the things he offered them.

Even when Bruno Fagali saw things were getting harder, he pushed to make sure his clients got the attention they needed. Bruno Fagali wanted to continue taking care of all his clients so they had someone to help them. Between the work he put into the law firm and his blog, Bruno Fagali felt he had a good chance of helping more people. He also knew things would keep getting better so he could provide a better future for all his clients. Bruno Fagali liked giving back in ways other attorneys couldn’t give back to the clients they worked with.

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The Modern Democratic Backsliding By Professor Sujit Choudhry

While most of us are saying there is democracy development, constitutional experts have a wider eye and are seeing what many are myopic about. Professor Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional expert, and scholar, basically deals with constitutional law and politics research. He has discussed a wide range of issues including constitutional design, federalism, bill of rights, democratic politics and transitional justice among others. He has authored and written a lot on matters of comparative constitutional law and widely on Canadian law (

Professor Sujit Choudhry has a professional perspective of seeing political unfolding and happenings. His recent publications have become a subject of discussion and have set some heads on fire where he discusses democracy in crisis which people view as democracy in progress. The tweet posted by Eric Holder, who is the former AG in Obama’s Regime, is one of the focus of this publication. Holder advocates for mass action to be taken if in any case Bob Mueller who is the State House Special Counsel is fired. He says this is an absolute red line and the voice of the Americans must be heard, check

Sujit Choudhry sees this as democratic backsliding where the Attorney General is doing what the professor is referring to self-enforcement of the constitutional. It is quite surprising to see once a person who was a law enforcer has turned out to be against it. Every constitution is built around a certain focal point and one of them is the presidential term. Most the countries including the US the president is to rule for only two terms. What happens if he decides to violate the law and extend the term? The obvious thing is the chaos if this focal point is broken.

Many political leaders in the past have invoked the democratic mandate from the citizens which is out lightly democratic failure; this is what Holder’s tweet is all about. The constitutional democracy has received major threats from various leaders especially where the presidency is autocratic. Sujit Choudhry describes the political climate of various countries which is a threat to the democracy paying much attention to Poland and its Constitutional Tribunal, South Africa and Germany ( The anti-Muslim animus of Trump is also discussed in relation to the constitution. For the voice of the American to be heard, the courts must call autocracy exactly by its name. More about Sujit on

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Tony Petrello- Chief Executive Officer Of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is one of the most successful corporate executives in the United States. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, a geothermal, oil, and natural gas drilling firm. It is the biggest company in off-shore drilling. It is also the company with the best drilling rigs in the industry. Petrello has been a significant player in the success of this company for the last two decades. Although he was appointed to the position of CEO in 2011, he has served in other senior position before. His first role in the firm was that of the Chief Operating Officer. He brought innovations and creative thinking in this company enabling it to make some critical decisions which have seen its gains skyrocket in less than two decades.

Tony Petrello started work at Nabors Industries in 1991. As the COO, he was tasked with managing all the operations of the company. His rank was just below that of the CEO. However, he had to wait until 2011, to get the plum CEO job. Before the big appointed, he served on the board of directors and the board’s executive committee. He impressed through his achievements as the COO and by the time the position of the CEO was vacant, he was the clear choice of the position.

When Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries, he was determined to apply his brilliance in creative thinking and problems solving in managing the operations of the company. Some of the management decisions he made cemented the company’s position as the number one drilling company in the country. He was responsible for the acquisition of rival company grace drilling at the cost of $32 million. In 2010, he oversaw the purchase of another company known as Well Services Drilling. His attitude to business expansion demonstrated his savviness as a creative businessman. Through his decisions, Nabors Industries is no longer the company it was two decades ago.

As the CEO of the company, Tony Petrello is responsible for other great agreements with other players in the drilling sector. In 2014, Nabors Industries agreed with C&J Energy to combine forces and expand their company Completion and production company. In 2015, he supported another agreement with KazMunayGas, an oil drilling company in Kazakhstan. They created a single form known as KMG Nabors Drilling Company which will perform oil exploration and drilling in Kazakhstan. In 2016, he led Nabors into another agreement with Saudi Aramco. They create a joint company known as SANAD. Saudi Aramco is currently the biggest oil company in the world with a net worth of about $10 trillion.

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Paul Mampilly’s pessimistic perception of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

As the world around him continues to go into an excited cryptocurrency frenzy, Paul Mampilly maintains his stand that this popular bubble is going to burst. Even though he cannot really point out a specific date and say that this is when the impending crash will occur, Paul is certain that it will take place sooner or later. Read this article at

Why Paul Mampilly remains optimistic about the world of crypto

The former hedge fund titan is certain that the imminent crypto crash will take place because cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are following the same trend that the 1999 impressive market rally stocks displayed before taking a nosedive. Paul Cites that in 1999, the market stocks were doing incredibly well to the point that his close friend by the name Tess had invested in technology shares worth more than 1000 percent. She was cashing in big and even Paul Mampilly himself acknowledged that. However, no one knew what lied ahead and that is when the catastrophic crash took place causing big names like Qualcomm Inc. which owned shares if up to 2619 percent incurred major losses.

As you can see, just like crypto, these stocks represented even giant firms listed on Nasdaq Composite. These firms had also benefitted from them before the crash too because the stocks rose to tremendous heights as sufficient proof that they were in demand. Thanks to this, investors from all walks of life continued joining in hoping to bag mega-profits only to lose it all. Fortunately for him, his lucky stars were shimmering brightly because he happened to have sold all his shares before 1999. He had no idea that the crash would take place and when it did he tried to persuade his friend Tess to sell her shares but she kept them with hopes that they would gain demand and be popular again. Unfortunately for her, things went from bad to worse and lost them all. Follow Paul on Medium.

According to Mampilly, this is the same trend that cryptocurrencies are following with myriads of investors rushing in to invest because their peers are earning big. Just like the 1999 technology stocks, everyone who invested in Bitcoins went home a delighted person because they got massive profits. In fact, the value of bitcoins continue to skyrocket with each dawn and is now valued at $19000 dollars a factor that continues to lure more and more investors to join in.

Also, the crypto market continues to receive new entrants with each dawn such as the esteemed Ethereum and other litecoins. This is the exact trend which the 1999 stocks took before plummeting and as such Paul Mampilly advises investors against venturing into these green like pastures as they’ll dry up sooner or later leaving them with colossal holes in their bank accounts.


Nevertheless, his firm and cynical stand on the cryptocurrency bubble has not been received very well. Paul Mampilly reveals that he has received countless emails from crypto investors stating that he is only bitter because he did not purchase bitcoin when he had the opportunity to do so. However, he says that is an absolute lie because like all veteran investors, he takes his time to do a thorough background check before he can invest in any opportunity. He looks at the value and considers various aspects and because the value of crypto can only be determined by the public, it is incredibly difficult to place a value on it and hence that is the first red flag which stops him from investing. However as no one can really tell what the future of the crypto world looks like, so let the mystery unfold.


Zama Oil Discovery Shines a Bright Light on Talos Energy’s Future

The global oil market seems a little shaky at the moment due to low prices, but it appears that the future might be shining bright for the giant oil explorer Talos Energy. This is after plans were put in place for this energy giant to set up an appraisal drilling station for the exploration giant at the newly discovered ZAMA-1 oil wells. This recently discovered oil well is believed to have more than 1,000 feet oil bearing interval. Talos Energy plans to pull out between 400-800 MMbbl of oil from its operations in this well. The oil giant is set to begin the appraisal activity in 2019.

The bright future

This new well means that Talos Energy will have enough oil supply. This will lead to increased oil production and even better economies of scale. With more oil in their hands and with the economies of scale in their favor, Talos will be able to operate comfortably even with the low energy prices predictably going further into the future. In addition to that, this exploration giant plans to push the continued unity of NAFTA nations through energy production. The continued integration of these nations will mean better trade relations. The primary focus of this is to reduce tariffs for aluminum and steel to 10% and 25% respectively. These two metals are extensively used in oil exploration. The United States is also in support of this tariff reduction move, which is very likely to be implemented. The implementation will significantly reduce the cost of exploration and encourage more research in future.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is among the global industry leaders in the gas and oil exploration sector. As an independent company, the central area of focus for this exploration giant is the offshore exploration and production of gas and oil. This firm has a considerable investment in deep water exploration assets around the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy was established in 2012, as a successful child of two very successful exploration companies Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. The firm’s management team is well experienced in the exploration sector as it has worked with previously successful entities. To investors in the exploration sector, Talos Energy is a very lucrative company.

A Discussion On Modern Constitutional Democracies From Sujit Choudhry

Those with an interest in the world of politics and constitutional law could learn quite a bit from Professor Sujit Choudhry of Berkeley ( He not only has a wide array of knowledge when it comes to constitutional law and its development across the world, but he is also laden with experience dealing with such topics in first-hand scenarios. According to a newly published piece by the professor, constitutional democracies are in danger in a way they haven’t seen in the past, see

The core point of the discussion by Choudhry is the Russia investigation and the special counsel headed by Robert Mueller. Eric Holder, an ex-Attorney General, released a tweet a while back that claimed massive peaceful protests would have to occur if Trump did attempt to fire Mueller simply to show that the American people won’t tolerate an autocratic leader with no accountability. Choudhry says the situation should be handled no differently than if a president tried to extend term limits simply to remain in power longer.

An Investigative Analysis of a Tweet

These weaknesses in the democratic system are outlined by Choudhry as a potential source for major issues. For example, it is technically possible that a radical party might gain control of a government legally in order to install a new government that isn’t exactly compatible with democracy. One famous example of this from history is, of course, the Nazi party in Germany. Another more current example relates to the nationalist party in Poland that was elected as a majority in their legislature a few years back. That party has been working in the shadows of bureaucracy to take control of the government and alter the constitution so their party can rule permanently.

The argument that Choudhry is attempting to make is that true democracies don’t really exist, and even where it does exist in some form, it must be constantly monitored to prevent any groups from taking advantage of the system to change it on a fundamental level. In other words, those that would overthrow systems of government no longer use force, but instead they use the very tools they want to overthrow. If they succeed, the results are a government that becomes a shell of its former self and a caricature of true democracy while still claiming the moniker.

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The Top CEO who Heads a Disaster Relief Company in the United States- Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes heads the Green Structure Housing (GSH) organization as its Chief Executive Officer. GSH is a disaster relief construction organization that specializes in building on-site and modular homes for the affected victims. Barbara who is the CEO, and her husband who serves as the COO of the company, together have 30 years of experience in the housing projects. This includes the excellent engineering from the development of the foundation, installation, and the inspection of the structures. Further, the GSH modular homes are made with steel and wooden frames fitted with the latest novel technology. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

About Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes, who is a mother to three, attended the Mercer University where she did a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. While at the university, Barbara also studied Structures and Properties, Manufacturing and Management, Thermodynamics, and Technical Communication. After receiving her education, Barbara worked in two organizations before starting her own company with her husband Scott Stokes at GSH. She worked in Boeing and Pisces Corporation besides being involved in government contracting where she gained extensive experience in manufacturing and other fields.


About The Green Structure Homes

The GSH which is located in Huntsville, Alabama was founded in 2008 as a disaster relief company. Apart from providing the basic house relief facilities to the victims, the GSH also works in partnership with other private organizations such as FEMA and the government. What’s more, with Barbara stokes at the helm, the company has grown over the years where it offers quality products that are unparalleled to its counterparts in the sector. GSH employs structural designs that incorporate home architecture which is built in the fastest way possible while also ensuring that the homes constructed constitutes of energy saving mechanism.

Furthermore, GSH has its presence in several states where the company has created employment for many individuals. Again, while the company is already in Alabama and Cullen states, it is further venturing into eight more states which include Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Minnesota and among the others. In addition, the company is expanding due to the awarded contract by FEMA of $28.5 million. This is in line with the company’s mission of fulfilling their support to individuals affected by the natural disasters such as the recent hurricanes experienced in the United States. Read more at Business Insider.

Forging a Financial Future with Southridge Capital

Since 1996 Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8 billion in growth companies internationally. With experience in financing over 250 companies, Southridge Capital has crated a team of dedicated individuals with the skills and expertise to consult on the most pressing financing questions. There is no question in the quality of work provided, where services range from detailed projected financial statements to balance sheet optimization. Experience in Mergers and Acquisitions procedures mean that the procedures align well with portfolios. Restructuring analysis is vital for the health of financing in order to achieve the best outcomes. Combined with legal settlement there is a full suite of financing services offered by Southridge Capital.

Not only does Southridge Capital work to improve the fincanical statbility of corperations – they also work hard improving the lives of others. Founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks, along with this wife Mary, set up the Daystar Foundation. The Foundation provides support for numerous charitable organisations. It supports a number of scholarship funds and outreach focused on heath and services in communities across the Northeast. These range from Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund to Beit Issie Shapiro Organization – all dedicated to improving the lives of others.

The solutions offered by Southridge Capital are guided by a team that is aware of the changing markets – they use “out of the box” thinking to provide clients with an experience looks to the the future with the stability of an established organization. by collaborating with companies directly Southridge Capital has developed methods to eliminate debt in favor of common stock and improve the creditworthiness of companies. You can visit

The management team of Southridge Capital is led by Founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks, Controller and CFO Narine Persaud, Director of Research Laurence J. Ditkoff, CFA, CPA, COO and General Counsel Henry B. Sargent, JD, CFA, and Linda Carlsen – member of the portfolio management team. You can visit their website

With this breadth of experience

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Instantly Ageless: Why Wait To Look Younger?

Plenty of youth enhancing products out in the marketplace claim that they are able to help make you look and feel younger. What they frequently don’t mention is just how long you have to take them in order to start to see any results. Worse yet, a lot of them are untested and don’t really do all that they say that they will. That is exactly why it is more important now than ever to check out something like instantly ageless for your own beauty care.

What you get with instantly ageless that you just don’t see with other products is that sense that it goes to work right away. It is right there in the name of the product! That really is the truth though as it starts to work on you in as little as two minutes. You can start to see your wrinkles fade away as you scrub this product right on. That is a really nice thing as most people are rather embarrassed of their wrinkles and would like to have some kind of solution to get them taken care of.

Instantly Ageless is a product of the youth and beauty company called Jeunesse Global. They are a company that specializes in trying to help people live as happy and healthy of a life as possible. For a lot of individuals the happy part of that equation means looking younger as well. They will not feel that they are truly doing much to live the good life if they do not have a way of looking and feeling their best.

This particular product is definitely meant to be used when you are in need of looking your best in a hurry. You have to run out to some event or something like that and don’t want those annoying wrinkles to be in your eyes and clouding your look overall. That is an understandable position that a lot of people probably find themselves in from time to time. Fortunately, you do not have to live with that issue if you do not want to. Just apply some Instantly Ageless and start to look and feel better.