The Awards & Supreme Leadership of OSI Group

Are you interested in professional foodservices? Have you ever heard of OSI Group? Well, if you haven’t heard, then you may not know that this Aurora-based company is one of the leading food providers in the world. The company’s statistics alone helps it to standout amongst a sea of competitors. Thanks to being so successful, the company has received numerous high-profile awards throughout the years. Lets take a closure look at to why this company dominates the field. OSI Group is one of the biggest private-held companies in the United States, and it is worth billions of dollars. In 2011, the company was listed on the prestigious Forbes list at the 136th positon with just over $3 billion in sales. In 2016, Forbes ranked OSI Group at the 58th position with well-over $6 billion in sales. Can you see the growth?

When it comes to great leadership, few foodservice companies has leadership like this company. CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin was the recipient of the Global Visionary Award in 2016. India’s Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry hosted the event and the award goes to people who demonstrates persistence and perseverance by turning their dreams into a reality. Lavin has helped to take the company to the next level thanks to his successful finance career. The company’s very own OSI-Vista Processed Foods just so happens to operate up to eight locations in India. The Vision World Academy certainly knows how to honor distinguished individuals and this has been the fifth event since its birth. OSI Group is great on all levels of play. It produces some of the best custom-food products on a daily basis. This includes:

• Fresh Dough
• Pizza
• Cookies
• Panini
• Chicken Fried Steak
• Pork Roast
• Tomatoes
• Onions
• Panini
• Chili
• Beans
• Turkey Products
• And many more

The company has an unlimited-amount of test kitchens, pilot plants and innovation centers. OSI Group is definitely leading by example, and it’s looking to continue its dominance in the years to come.

About OSI Group:

Constitution Building

Sujit Choudhry is the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Choudhry met with constitutional experts to talk about the current circumstances in Ukraine. They spoke of the current presidential system and the constitutional challenges that are currently facing the country. They also discussed supporting democracy internationally. Choudhry concluded that the country’s instability was a result of their weak political parties. After he met with the experts and gave his conclusion on the matter, he had a roundtable discussion with political influencers in the country.

The people that were present at the roundtable were people that had a significant amount of wisdom on the matters at hand. At the roundtable, they shared their knowledge to come up with valuable input.   Additional article on

Sujit Choudhry gave the constitutional leaders valuable information to aid them in making beneficial constitutional decisions. He encouraged the leaders to converse about policy options in support of the constitutional reform process. His main goal was to make them aware of the fact that any mistake made while creating the constitution could have long-lasting effects.

The Center of Constitutional Transitions gathers a great amount of knowledge supporting constitution building. They gather information by having experts provide evidence-based policy options. Their system produces excellent results because they have experts from other countries to come in and give them information that will help them solve any problems before they cause bigger problems.  Related article on

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Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970. Before pursuing law, he was taking biological studies at McGill University. He decided to pursue law and receive his bachelor’s degree from the University at Oxford. He earned his master’s in law from Harvard school of law. Choudhry is the first Indian-American to become a dean at the University at Berkley Law School.

Sujit Choudhry is known for his wide range of knowledge in the law field. He is respected by foreign countries for his knowledge of the constitutional construction process. He has advised Nepal, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and South Africa in constitution building. He has written many pieces of literature which have been found useful by those seeking advisement.  To read about his published work, check

For update on the professor’s recent timeline activities, visit

James Dondero, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Who is James Dondero?

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of the company “Highland Capital Management”, an investment management firm based in Dallas, Texas that manages funds, structured investments, and more. Mr. Dondero has a deep commitment and objective to the further advancement of the city. Mr. Dondero is an alumni of the University of Virginia’s McIntire school of commerce. He achieved two bachelors in science degrees, and is renowned for his skill in the field of finance. Visit Nexbank to know more about James. His career started with a financial training program with JP Morgan in 84′. That opportunity allowed him to land a job at “American Express” where he worked for 4 years. During his time there, Mr. Dondero was trusted with the responsibility of managing/overseeing over $1 billion in income funds. Afterwards, in 89′ James was promoted to a seat as a Chief Investment Officer for the company “Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary”. Although the company started out as just an idea,  James was able to make it become a reality. The firm ended up becoming a successful $2 billion dollar corporation. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Highland Capital Management

After James Dondero felt he had gathered a sufficient amount of experience, he decided it was time to create his own business which he did in 93′. He named the management firm “Highland Capital Management” and through displaying his influential leadership created quite the name for himself as well as the business. Renowned as one of the biggest alternative credit managers on a global scale. James is not only a famous entrepreneur and businessman, but a dedicated philanthropist as well. In 2016, during “The Family Place’s” 21st annual Texas trailblazer awards, his firm donated over $1 million dollars to the organization. The family place is the cities leading group in supporting those who are victim to domestic violence. James Dondero is regarded highly in both sectors, finance, and humanitarianism works.


OSI Industries, Food Processing Company

OSI Industries, a food processing company that supplies value-added protein items such as sausage and bacon has recently purchased a former Tyson Foods plant in the south side of Chicago, Illinois for a reported seven million four hundred thousand dollars according to Cook County records. The two hundred thousand square foot facility is expected to further enhance business growth and broaden manufacturing growth of OSI Industries. When Tyson Foods wanted to close the plant, they said that the four hundred and eighty jobs that the plant had would be lost. When OSI Industries stepped in they offer to keep many of the workers. Although there is no way of knowing how many of the workers were maintained because ISO Industries does not disclose information about its products or customers. Many of the workers are very thankful OSI Industries stepped in and saved there jobs.

Another recent purchase for OSI Industries is that of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe supplies pies and frozen poultry and with its recent purchase of Calder Foods, it now also supplies sauces and dips. This purchase by OSI Industries has been a great thing for both companies. OSI Industries now has a greater foothold in Europe and Flagship Europe has a larger client base and more resources to draw from.

Baho Food is another acquisition by OSI Industries. Baho Food operates plants in Germany and The Netherlands supplying deli meats and snacks. Baho Foods complements the products of OSI Industries and further extends its presents in Europe.

Some further good news for OSI Industries in that the company has won the Globe Of Honour Award. This award was supplied by the British Safety Council for advanced management of environmental risks. The award is a great sense of pride to OSI Industries. It was well deserved. To receive such an achievement the British Safety Council has to give a company five stars. In addition the company has to pass an independent team of experts and demonstrated environmental management from top to bottom. Placing the environment on the same playing field as health and safety the company is putting in place a system of sustainability. With a sense that what we do today matter tomorrow, the company has a bright future.

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Mark J. Holterman: Medical Research Contributor

Dr. Mark J. Holterman is an all-around pediatric surgeon who works tirelessly at three different hospitals, which are the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, and the St. Francis Medical Center (OSFHealthcare). Aside from practicing his profession as a pediatric surgeon, he is also known for being an educator, teaching currently at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. According to his students, Dr. Mark J. Holterman is a dedicated professor who loves to share his knowledge with his students. They also added that aside from his busy work schedule as a pediatric surgeon and an educator, he is still making time to attend meetings at a handful of organizations which he is a member of. Dr. Mark J. Holterman joined the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics after he received his license, and he is one of the most active members of the group.


Dr. Mark J. Holterman is currently researching about regenerative medicine. He is fascinated with how the stem cell treatment works, and he is putting some of his time in studying these methods of treatment that he can use in the future to cure children who are suffering from a variety of diseases, like obesity and cancer. His willingness to help the people would result in the establishment of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. This group specializes in researching regenerative medicine treatments, and the team is also responsible for revolutionizing the science behind these medical procedures.


Dr. Mark J. Holterman is also holding the position in the organization as the executive board chairman, and he is using his powers to research more information about stem cell therapy. He is hoping that his research would unlock the secrets of regenerative medicine, and he is hoping that it can help more people in the future. In the present, the knowledge about the medical procedure is limited, but Dr. Mark J. Holterman believes that the medical procedures involving regenerative medicine have a lot of potentials. Dr. Mark J. Holterman keeps on being optimistic that he will be able to discover some of the most significant applications of regenerative medicine, and he is hoping to save a lot of lives when he unlocks it (



Perry Mandera: The Voice of the Truckers

Perry Mandera is a dedicated individual who values the importance of the freight transportation industry. He is the founder of the Custom Companies, Inc., a company responsible for transporting goods, cargoes, and all other types of deliveries across the United States. He founded the company in 1986, and since then, he oversees the overall operation of the firm and does everything that he can to ensure the welfare of everyone working for him. He has been in the business for more than 30 years, and his business keeps on growing because of his excellent leadership skills. Perry Mandera is also making sure that the Custom Companies, Inc. would develop its technology to provide better services to their clients who are depending on their services for freight transport. Some of the technologies that were developed for the sole use of the Custom Companies, Inc. are the following:


  1. Cheetah Dispatch – this is a software installed in the system of the Custom Companies, Inc. that allows the sender of the package, the company which delivered it, and the receiver of the package to track down the item’s current location. It is helpful especially for those who are waiting for a package but does not know where it currently is. The receivers of the package can also use their phone and other devices with GPS technology to track down the item real time. It is considered as one of the company’s greatest invention because it makes every transaction faster.


  1. Warehouse Management System – This software allows the customer to check out the location of their items inside various warehouses across the United States. Custom Companies, Inc. is responsible for every package that is being sent by their customers, and the company has to make sure that it will be arriving safely to the address where they wanted it to be delivered (Angel.Co).


  1. Dock Management System – this software can be used once the freight reaches the port. With this software that was developed by Custom Companies, Inc., an individual can track the present location of the item delivered inside the ports, and it can also tell the individual how long it would take for them to receive the item.

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How To Get The Benefits Of Stream Energy

Who Is Stream Energy


You can use the Stream Energy network to have sustainable energy at a time when they were deregulating services in the Dallas. Their customers are able to have renewable energy at a cost they can afford. Have you been a victim of increased energy cost? Would you like to be a part of a stabilized energy network? You’re invited to visit the reliable Stream Energy network for how to become a part of their network and save. Their customers understand the benefits of being a part of a trusted network who puts the needs of their customers first (MyStream).


How Stream Helps Their Customers


You can become a part of the Stream network and take part in their rewards program. They offer their customers the benefit of taking part in the $1 million dollars. Customers can take part in their rewards program and earn real money. They ask their customers to refer them as a trusted network instead of the money. Their associates are also invited to take part in their program through a commission incentive. They are asked to refer other associates and clients to become a part of their proven referral program offered.


How Stream Helped During Global Warming


You can get decreased energy cost during global warming with the green energy programs created by Stream Energy. They understood Texas were the hardest hit from the threat of global warming and were one of the first to step in to help. Their climate has suffered inclement weather that has caused a dramatic increase and decrease in the temperatures. They are glad to announce they have been very successful in their efforts against global warming and have offered to be a continued presence for renewable energy in the Texas area (


Jorge Moll Describes How Philanthropy Gives the Way to Happiness

Jorge Moll, a Brazilian healthcare entrepreneur known for founding D’Or Institute for Education and Research, is an active proponent of philanthropy and the joy of giving. Moll, who is also a neurologist, confirms that noble acts can make positive changes in humans, and a number of studies have proved that they can create significant physical and mental effects in people in different ways. A study conducted by him 2006 showed that charity giving is creating warm glow feeling at a biological level ( It also makes people understand that doing good acts can also help them to feel good.


Interestingly, the studies of Jorge Moll and his team gave evidence to the joy of giving in the brain. He concludes that such giving is providing a sense of altruism without a sacrifice. Interestingly, altruism was considered as a miracle drug for more than two decades. Interestingly, a study conducted by Psychology Today in 1988 observed nearly 1,700 women and observed the physical effects on them while giving. It showed that people who regularly help others felt highly euphoric by a full 50 percent. Also, 43 percent of the helpers felt that they are more energetic and stronger.


Jorge Moll also noted that people who are helping others struggling with the same crunch situation of them felt more comfortable and confident. For a study, people who are struggling with multiple sclerosis were tasked and trained to support others who are also going through the same health condition. They were tasked to provide support and assistance over the phone for a month just for 15 minutes a day. The study showed that the helpers were found to be less depressed, better self-esteemed, and more confident than others.


A similar study on chronic illness conditions showed that the people who helped others experienced a lower level of pain as well as depression. Jorge Moll confirms that by giving, people can heal faster themselves both physically and emotionally. He also adds when people make others happy, they themselves make happier (Terra). When people are planning to help others, they are actually benefiting themselves by creating amazing joy, Moll observed.

Rocketship Education Bringing High-achieving Charter Schools in the US

Rocketship Education or RSED for short is a network of charter school working not-for-profit. The base is in Redwood City, California but the charter school can be found in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nashville. Tennessee, Washington D.C, and in the city of New York.

The Rocketship Education charter schools were founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The first charter school was opened in the city of San Jose California one year later in 2007. That first school was a huge success and inspired the founders to continue to establish more and more schools across the United States of America.

The charter school in San Jose, California had very high results on the assessment by the state of Calfornia. The students scored as high a the Palo Alto School District and surpassed many schools across the state of California. After that success. Rocketship Education charter schools were established in six more areas in San Jose over the span of the next handful of years.

In 2013, the restructuring in leadership led to Preston Smith becoming the sole Chief Executive Officer of the Rocketship Education charter schools. That same year, Rocketship Education opened a charter school outside of the state of California for the first time. The location is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A year later, in 2014, another school was opened in Nashville, Tenessee and then another school was opened in Washington D.C., in 2014.

The Rocketship Education charter schools have ha strong support from parents and funds alike. In 2015, more than 400 parents organized themselves and started a fundraising to support the establishment of a charter school in Redwood, California as well. The charter school in Washington D.C. was also established with the help of Apple Tree Institut, allowing the charter school to provide preschool education as well.

Over the years there have been several supporters of the Rocketship Education. A number of the facilities have received funding from the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund. The Fund was started up by the former professional tennis player Andre Agassi. The Rocketship Education charter schools would not have come as far as they have without that support.