Personalization Without Personality Direct Marketing In A Digital Age

No you’re not crazy and yes your own private concierge works behind the scenes gathering all your very own habits and experiences to bring you personalized and specific content every day. If you have noticed that your favorite websites ads seem to be synced with your latest conversations, you may have met the AI system in charge of your personalized e-commerce experience.

Marketing is the cornerstone of any retailer that means big bucks and big data. Artificial Intelligence the brainchild of the digital age runs autonomous, using algorithms to gather information every time a card is swiped, the receipt printed or search bar inquiry is made which ultimately creates a new unique buying experience.

“If You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Customer, Your Competitor Will.” – Bob Hooey

In such a competitive market where access to information and various products are available the use of Artificial intelligence has taken on a different meaning and of course a more dynamic effect has taken shape.

Artificial Intelligence by its sheer creation is supposed to be able to build on patterns and recognize them before they take shape. When you join that concept with marketing and buying habits the sky is the limit to what it means for the consumer and more importantly the economy as a whole.

The advantage to using Ai comes in many forms to the consumer. According to an article published by Fast Company, 77% of consumers invite the Ai experience. Now an Artificially Intelligent machine may have written that article which poses the question of what is real data and what is artificial?

When you buy products are you being reminded to buy them or is this a suggestion that this product is better than what you currently use. How progressive is the use of Ai in marketing? With The advancement of Alexa and Siri are we as consumers buying into the whole concept of letting our computers think for us or are we on the verge of a new concept based on buying patterns that may result in the day and age of the Terminator?

Many articles I have found speak to the growing success of Artificial Intelligence and the marketing experience. This is disturbing as the concept of Artificial intelligence is being adopted in every aspect of our lives and the only discussion of the threat of Artificial Intelligence is found in specific fields. Yet the only field we all have in common is the field of consumerism.


Neurocore Changing Depression Treatment Forever

It used to be so simple to tell someone that has depression to “buck up” or “just get over it.” With so much awareness having been brought to the disease over the last few years, people are now realizing that it is not just a state of mind, but a real disease or disorder. With that awareness, new treatments are also being introduced and explored.

One company who is at the forefront of technology when it comes to brain disorders is the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. The company is not just trying to treat the disease, but find the root cause and treat the symptoms. One way they do that is by mapping the brain during various moments of depression so they can find what triggers those moments. Then they reteach the brain how to cope during those moments so that a patient can permanently treat the disorder.

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What is unique to depression is that there are several types of disorders when it comes to the disease. This makes treating it unique, in that, doctors cannot just have a fix-all that will help every patient the same. The disorder does not always develop with outside factors, which means anyone can develop the disorder at any time for any reason. Knowing this means places like Neurocore can better understand that treatment must be individualized.

Because the signs of depression are not always obvious, the disease can start to take a physical toll on patients. Because of the stigma that has existed surrounding the disorder, many people still fear admitting they may have the disease, and therefore choose to not seek treatment. This makes it difficult for places like Neurocore to help treat everyone, and find all the many variations of disorders in depression.


Another common fact regarding depression is that it is typically found in younger people ages 15 – 44, and that suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people. The connection between depression and suicide is very real, and another reason companies like the Neurocore Brain Performance Center is striving to find permanent treatments for victims of depression. Read more about Neurocore at


Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 in New Delhi, India. He started his learning career at the University of Toronto Schools for his high school education. Later on, he joined the University of Mc Gill where he got a bachelor’s degree in biology. Being a brilliant student, Sujit Choudhry enrolled for BA in Law at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and subsequently earned an LL.B. from Harvard law school. His working career started in 1996 when he became a Law clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the supreme court of Canada. In 1999 Sujit joined the faculty of the University of Toronto as an Assistant professor. He got his tenure in 2004. At the moment he is the director of the famous Centre of Constitution Transitions.

Sujit served as the Cecelia Goetz law professor at the New York University School of law where he served as the faculty director of Global fellows program. Being a top performer, he was named the Dean of the University of California Berkeley’s Law School that made him the first Indian-American Dean. Sujit is arguably a distinguished law professor. He has been hired as a constitutional expert to help countries in the constitution building process in the following countries; Egypt, Ukraine, Nepal, South Africa, Libya, Jordan, Sri Lanka and Tunisia. He has made himself a name globally and referred by his friends and Co-workers as the Law Expert. Sujit is currently Co-leading other three global collaborative research projects dealing with Security reforms, Constitutional affairs, and Territorial Cleavages.  Related article on

Apart from being a distinguished scholar, the father of two is also a well-renowned Author. Most of his works are internationally recognized.He wrote a lot of journals and books. Some of his works remarkable works include; Migration of constitutional ideas and International Society of public law. Check  He has also received several awards in his career, and they include; Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship and law practitioner of the year South Asian Bar Association in 2011. To learn more about his achievements, click  Choudry has continued to make very significant improvement in the legal environment as well as motivating and mentoring many young men and women globally.  More to read here.

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The Brown Agency in Austin, Texas

The whole idea behind a successful business merger is the idea that by putting together two strong entities, the result will be something even bigger and stronger than what existed before. This is the idea behind the saying that refers to two separate things being united to create something that’s “greater than the sum of their parts.”

This idea is true when a merger is successful, as there can sometimes be an energetic dynamic that occurs that sparks a better and stronger working dynamic than existed before. This is the kind of dynamic that came into play when the top modeling and the top talent agencies in Austin came together to form The Brown Agency.

Based in Austin

The Brown Agency is based in Austin, and this company was formed when Wilhelmina Austin (a top modeling agency) acquired Heyman Talent South (a top acting talent agency). Putting these two companies together, which was a move spear-headed by Justin Brown (formerly the head of Wilhelmina South) worked to create the largest agency in the region, will full-service capabilities that the two agencies lacked before. Right now, The Brown Agency is actually the only full-service agency in Austin, and it offers a unique set of capabilities that go a long way towards serving the needs of the client roster, as well as of the talent.

An Acting and Modeling Texas Powerhouse

Justin Brown was heading up Wilhelmina South in 2010, and he lead it into its position as one of the top modeling agencies in central Texas. Hyman Talent South had been a top talent agency in Austin since 2012, but with the two agencies coming together to form The Brown Agency, the agencies’ abilities to work on a world-class level all came to the fore. Check out to see more.


Right now The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin, but it also has offices located in Dallas and in Los Angeles, Justin Brown is now acting CEO and President of the company, and he is very enthused about the company’s success and what’s ahead in the future. According to Brown, the two companies coming together has created a truly unique entity that can offer even more quality at every to clients and also to the talent. That’s a lot to offer, and it’s a quality that makes Brown incredibly proud.

Sujit Choudhry intends to make the world better through constitutional order

Sujit Choudhry is a man who has made great contributions in the legal field. He is an expert in legal matters. He is a professor of comparative constitutional law at the University of California, Berkeley. He has made great contributions in this legal field. Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 and have been in the United States for a long time now. Although he was not born in the United States, he has moved here and made a great impact. Choudhry is from India, his first achievement is becoming the first Indian- American to be appointed as a dean in the university’s school of law. This goes to prove the exceptional skills that he has as an expert in this legal field. Sujit Choudhry has made a mark also through his research work. He has been an author of various books, journals, and articles about law. He has been addressing issues of constitutional crises in the world. Check to read about his published work.

Sujit Choudhry is concerned that there many countries in the world that are yet to agree to constitutional order as a way of dealing with political feuds in these countries. A constitution that is made according to the needs of a country is the best for any country. A constitution should not be copied from other countries. Hit on for more reading.

The problems of one country are different from those of others. This is something that Sujit has been stressing. There is a need for customized solutions to the problems that we have been facing as a people. This can only be achieved if we embrace constitutional order as a way of getting political stability.  Additional article on

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Sujit Choudhry was never a law student from the beginning. While he first joined the university, he was a biological sciences student at the University of McGill. He would later lose interest in biological sciences and decides to move to law. He enrolled at the Oxford University so that he could start his law studies. He graduated with a law degree. He then moved to the United States to study master in law at the Harvard University. Sujit Choudhry has committed his life to this profession now and possesses great knowledge and experience than any other professional.  Learn about his outstanding achievements, hop over to

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Paul Mampilly: The Investment Guru

Paul Mampilly is one of the greatest investors in the United States. Paul Mampilly has also worked as an investor for the Wall Street to help them make special decisions that generate a great amount of profit at the end of the day. This is perhaps the reason why his investment tips have never gone beyond the level of success they are meant to accrue. Paul Mampilly is also a strict thinker. Before he engages in doing anything, he always strives to achieve the best for his people. Perhaps this is the reason why he assists the people to make the profound business decisions at the end of the day.

Paul Mampilly says that the only thing he would love to concentrate on doing is to avoid getting wrong. In the world of investment, you never want to make the wrong decision, everything about investing should be the best thing to do. If you are wrong, you will lose everything you own. For this reason, you might consider yourself accredited for poor business results. Your money will also evaporate with the numerous wrong decisions you make in your accents. The only thing that separates the best investor from the worst is the decisions they make. How you make an investment decision also matters. This is because the procedure always affects the result. In every math problem, you should always use the correct procedure. Otherwise, you will land on bad problems.

Paul Mampilly is one of the few finance specialists who use their education well in their lives. After graduating from the University of Fordham, Paul Mampilly went on to hold numerous financial positions in various companies in the United States. Paul Mampilly also worked for the OSI Banking Company as a portfolio manager. During his tenure, he assisted the company makes profit from various investment positions in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why he was willing to achieve the most sophisticated capability as a business entity.

Paul Mampilly went on to work for various law firms in the country before he secured an opportunity to work for the Wall Street. While he was on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly helped them achieve money-making ordeals through his sound investment opportunities. Perhaps this is the reason why he was targeted for the best individual anatomies in the country. For all his career, nothing has ever amazed Paul Mampilly more than helping the ordinary people make more money for a brighter future.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Take on Comparative Constitutional Law and Politics

Sujit Choudhry, a professor of law at the University of California and also the director at the Center for Constitutional Transactions. He is a well-recognized international authority on comparative constitutional law and politics. He has been a constitutional advisor for more than 20 years in a wide range of contexts.

Professor Choudhry has done several pieces of research addressing different issues in comparative constitutional law and politics including designing a constitutional tool that changes a violent conflict to a peaceful democratic politics. He has also published working paper reports, over ninety articles, and several book chapters.  To read about his published work, check

Sujit Choudhry and various leading constitutional law scholars wrote an open letter for both Catalan and Spanish governments on the crisis in Catalonia they required a dialogue intervention on both sides. The aim was to enable the two governments to act in good faith and have an open-minded discussion on the constitutional issue at hand.

The open letter on Catalonia that was co-authored by Sujit Choudhry on the plea for dialogue states that governments; working out a peaceful, orderly, and agreeable ending to disputes will be in the best interest for all individuals within Spain and Catalonians borders including those outside. If not, the ideal foundation of European Union will be undermined.

The scholars proved that the Spanish government did their best to subdue voter turnout, yet it is not clear that the Catalonians have proved the secession and may be amenable to constitutional options that are not nearly as radical as secession. Though Mr. Rajoy is unlikely concerned of the Catalonians wishes and believes that he was justified to tackle the disagreements in a repressive fashion. The scholars are convincing him to understand it is not the case in international law. For views of the professor on politically related issues, hit on

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According to the scholars believe, Mr. Rajoy has to cease forceful tactics when dealing with Catalonians. He must show the willingness to embrace the outcome if the voters decide to become an independent nation. The scholars strictly believe that the referendum is the best choice to measure the will of the people. The Spain government cannot rule without violence since its actions have harmed democracy in both regions thus constitutional dialogue is the correct direction to go.  Additional article on

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