Clay Siegall Plans To Continue To Develop New Drugs To Treat Cancer

While Clay Siegall is a brilliant research scientist with a Ph.D. in Genetics who works in the biotechnology field, his WordPress blog shows that he is also interested in other areas of science. Clay Siegall posted interesting films that unearthed new information about nuclear testing done during the cold-war era and he has posted an article from NPR that urges rapid action against global warming to protect coral reefs worldwide as well.

Currently Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company that he co-founded in 1997. In 1995, Siegall received the Pierce Award for his work with targeted toxins, therefore, he must be proud of his company’s first commercial product, Adcetris, which is an antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) that that delivers toxins to cancer cells, ignoring healthy cells. From his time at the National Cancer Institute to his positions as a scientist and researcher at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Seigall’s career before Seattle Genetics was devoted to finding safer, less toxic treatment options for cancer patients.

In December 2016, Siegall talked with EP Advantage about having Adcetris used earlier in treatment regimens, instead of as a last resort. With more patients eligible for Adcetris, Seattle Genetics could expand their already healthy drug pipeline and go from being the 30th-ranked cancer drug firm to the 21st by 2022. Seigall has higher ambitions, “We think we can be the next big important biotech company,” which he plans to do by continuing to develop new cancer treatment drugs, not by sitting back and waiting for a buyout.


USHEALTH Group – The Best Insurance

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company based in the USA. It has many other integrated companies that work together to promote health in the United States of America. These health insurance companies work together in providing critical and valuable health coverage insurance services. They are specialized in dealing with specific diseases.

They also give cover to victims of various accidents and other disabilities. The insurance is given to either groups or individuals. This insurance company has been serving for about 60 years ago. This is an indicator that it has gained more experience needed in this field. Here are the factors that have contributed to the stability of USHEALTH Group.

It has flexible terms and condition that caters for all people despite their income. In insuring diseases, the company understands that they are not predictable as well as not all of us earn a sustainable income. In this case, they allow an individual to choose a medical insurance that favors his or her pocket. You will automatically choose something you will be able to meet its term and condition.

Those who have unpredictable income or they are on a limited budget; you are given a chance to negotiate and pay you insurance at your appropriate time. I think, and I believe this is what has kept this company going. Where can you find such a privilege?

Another key factor in the USHEALTH Insurance Company is that it allows cost sharing. For instance, you got a small amount, and you want more vivid coverage on either health the company will clear the rest after you meet their terms. This shows that this group is geared to customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the action of the company is almost 100%. This is because when you get into any of the problems covered they react quickly by releasing the required services at the right time. Other companies might delay until you pay yourself only and only take action later on.

They say services should be directly proportional to the amount of money you pay. In USHEALTH they have gone beyond this because they provide more than expected.


Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Conducts Training Seminar

Jim Hunt, the successful founder and CEO of VTA Publications, has recently participated in several training events through which he educated young professionals regarding the process of investing. As an expert in investment strategy and stock trading, Hunt has become known in the United Kingdom as the go-to leader for training in finance, publishing, and trading. The executive developed his publishing company in 2012 as an answer to the growing unrest he witnessed among the general population with regard to finance and banking.

After establishing the company, Jim Hunt VTA Publications decided to conduct training seminars on a regular basis in an effort to offer an extensive education to those who desire to participate in the courses. The executive completes these seminars in addition to the many publications and courses that he distributes through Jim HuntVTA Publications. During a recent interview in which he discussed his most recent training seminar, the executive stated that he has high expectations that the seminars will help young professionals to develop outstanding financial skills and develop the ability to compete in a swiftly-changing market.

Development of Financial Skills
As a professional with an extensive background in finance and stock trading, Jim Hunt’s chief goal for those who enroll in his seminars is the development of strong financial skills on Hunt believes that financial independence is an extremely valuable asset to young professionals and hopes to contribute to the establishment of this independence.

Ability to Compete In a Global Market
Hunt also believes that students who complete the company’s courses or participate in his seminars should quickly develop the skills needed to compete in a global market. During an interview with a local newspaper on, Hunt stated that he conducts each of his seminars with the end goal of assisting students in their chosen professions. By completing courses offered through Hunt’s publishing company, students are able to gain access to reputable information that traditionally would only be available in college classrooms. VTA Publications is expected to announce the development of several new course over the course of the next year. Jim Hunt has stated that he will continue to conduct seminars as long as there is interest in them.

Syndication King: Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz knows radio! The Founder and Chairman of PodcastOne has more than 40 years experience in radio syndication. His list of accomplishments can fill a book, but for the sake of brevity, he is basically responsible for Westwood One, the largest provider of sports, news, talk and traffic programming within the Broadcast Industry. Pattiz was in charge of distributing and managing NBC radio networks, CNN radio, CBS News, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, and the Winter and Summer Olympics at Westwood One.


With the changing of times, Pattiz turned his focus to podcasting. PodcastOne was the creation of his focus, which he launched in 2012. PodcastOne is currently the leading producer and distributor of on-demand digital programming. The likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Adam Carolla, Heather Dubrow, Larry King and Chris Jericho adorn his syndication network like sparkling ornaments on a Christmas tree. In fact, PodcastOne manages and syndicates over 200 of today’s most popular podcasts, solidifying its status as “king of podcast syndication”.


Pattiz has also led the charge in international broadcasting services for overseas broadcasting groups in both Europe and the Middle East. What is more, he served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America under President Clinton and President Bush and was responsible for overseeing all U.S. nonmilitary broadcasting services during his tenure.


Pattiz is simply a legend within the Broadcasting Industry, both at home and abroad. He has already been named to the National Radio Hall of Fame and was honored with the Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009.


The following are extracts from a recent interview. Pattiz talked about his company, his daily routine and entrepreneurial advice for anyone starting out in business today.




The company was founded by Pattiz and Kid Gray, who at the time represented a large number of celebrity podcasts. Pattiz recognized that what Gray was doing was similar to his work at Westwood One. The only difference now was the syndication and broadcasting were being done for the digital world instead. After the collaboration, Pattiz and Kit began combining their unique broadcasting spins to the partnership. These ideas have been largely responsible for PodcastOne’s broadcasting success thus far.


Daily Routine


For Pattiz, no one day is the same. With his experience, he is able to involve himself with each and every aspect of the business. PodcastOne being such a small company allows him to keep a watchful eye on technology, talent, ad sales, acquisitions, and most other major departments within the business. He is a true jack-of-all-trades, and in his case, master of all of them.


Entrepreneurial Advice


Pattiz advises all entrepreneurs to read the trades of their industry. This will allow them to keep up-to-date with recent industry trends and the players who influence them. In these days, however, most trade publications have gone digital, therefore Pattiz advises every entrepreneur to dig a little deeper in order to extract the information they need to stay current and on the cutting edge.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the current Chairman of PodcastOne and Founder of Westwood One. PodcastOne is currently the largest syndicator of podcasts in the world and Westwood One used to be America’s biggest radio network of news, entertainment, sports, traffic and talk programming under his leadership.


Besides his industry-leading roles in radio and digital broadcasting, Pattiz has served and is serving on numerous boards, institutions and organizations including the Broadcasting Board of the Governors of the United States of America, University of California, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos National Securities Laboratories, Council of Foreign Relations, and Pacific Council of International Relations.


Oil Drilling Industry

The oil industry is one of the fastest growing in the world today. Many nations in the Middle East are not investing as much money in production as before. This is opening up a huge opportunity for nations like Mexico to increase their production for a variety of reasons. This is allowing companies like Cotemar to invest more money into research and innovation to drive growth in the future. Now is a great time to start working with companies like Cotemar on a plan to grow the business in the future. Oil drilling employees a lot of people in Mexico, and many economists expect this number to grow in the coming years.




There are a lot of people who are impressed with what Cotemar has been able to do in a short period of time. Not only that, but they truly care about the lives of their employees and want to help them with their growth and development in any way that they can. The company also offers a variety of options when it comes to thinking about the long term implications of community service. There is a lack of educational opportunities in many rural areas of Mexico where Cotemar sets up drilling locations. This has allowed the company an opportunity to invest back in the country in order to drive value for the future. The company’s willingness to help others is one of the reasons that so many people are excited about their future.


Future Oil Prices


As oil prices continue to increase, many people think that Cotemar is in a great position for growth. There are a lot of people who are ready to see the next phase of growth for the company. Cotemar started to invest in clean energy even before it was popular to do so. In the coming years, those investments are going to start to pay off as Cotemar is a leader within the oil drilling industry.


Final Thoughts


Overall, the oil industry in Mexico is going through a lot of change right now. With all of the advancements that have been made in a variety of areas, a lot of people are ready to see what Cotemar is going to bring to the table in the future. There are many people in school who want to work with this company when they graduate because of the high pay and benefits offered.

Tammy Mazzocco’s real estate success

Tammy Mazzocco admits that her success is because of good goal setting and following through with actions. She outlines the tasks to be accomplished each day, week, or month to attain the set goals.

Tammy’s real estate career started while working as a secretary at Edwards Realty Company. At the company, she mingled with nine commercial real estate agents under Mike Zelnik’s leadership. She also spent some years managing condominiums in Scotland Yard. During that time, she received a real estate agent license in 1995.

Cook Realty inspired and encouraged Mazzocco into the real estate business. She worked as a multi-site property manager at T&P Properties before becoming a personal assistant for producer Joe Armeni. Working for Joe who is a very successful real estate developer and agent further inspired her career. According to, later, she joined Judy Gang & Associates in Ohio where she was selling residential real estate in central Ohio counties such as Delaware, Franklin, Fairfield, and Licking.

Tammy Mazzocco starts her day with meditation and light exercises. She believes in starting with simple tasks before opening her emails to start dealing with real estate work. Before implementing these ideas, she writes a business plan, brainstorms, and does research then she tests the feasibility of that idea.

She receives leads of potential customers from companies. Thereafter, she makes contact before setting an appointment. Tammy is very convincing and always makes a sale once she gets the appointment. One of the key things that bring success in real estate is acting on set goals. Tammy acknowledges that success is only achieved through good client relations and making sound investments. A person should not focus so much on the commissions that they will receive at the close of the deal but focus on what is best for the client.

To cultivate business growth, use lead generating companies and good customer service. This often generates 85 percent of repeat business. Entrepreneurs should be themselves and believe in their businesses if they want to succeed.

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Security Difficulties With The Rise Of IoT

It is estimated that IOT devices will become essential in our daily life and there will be over 50 billion devices by 2020. Households may have several Internet connected devices that will share information with each other. Mobile applications for IoT device are becoming increasingly popular and may even take over the cell phone and tablet market.

Devices designed with the Internet of Things concept may be convenient but there are security risks. There have been IoT devices that were hijacked and added to bot nets in order to carry out malicious attacks. These devices also store sensitive data that hackers would love to steal. A weak infrastructure in combination with our most sensitive information makes for a deadly combination.

The security found in many IOT type devices are not set at a high standard like computers or phones. There had been examples of IOT device bot nets found recently.

IOT devices are typically tiny and they lack physical security. Many devices have low computing power and are too weak to support advanced encryption. The remote management software also is wide open for remote exploitation.

The primary thing users can manufacturers can do is to avoid using default passwords. Many routers and other devices have been exploited in the past using defaults passwords and simple IoT devices are following suit. Even a surprising amount of IT professionals use default passwords so the average Joe would definitely be wide open. A hacker just needs to study the manual to take advantage of most devices.

Hackers may use dictionary attacks to automatically crack simplistic passwords. Using simplistic passwords with names, common nouns and short strings of numbers is almost guaranteed to be cracked. Long complex passwords are ideal to prevent the most basic hacking attempts.

Manufacturers of IoT devices should include randomized passwords or require that the user sets a password before using the device. There should also be requirements for users to set advanced passwords with aluminum requirements. This type of policy has been successful in preventing hacking in other types of platforms.

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Having a weak IoT device may also lead to leaks of personal data from computers and cellphones. Viruses may sniff packets for unencrypted information or even hijack other computers in the network. Using encryption software will prevent any leaks of sensitive documents or images in this situation. Users should always have the habit of forcing SSL on all of the websites that they visit.

Digitally signed and encrypted firmware should also be a necessity. Hackers could deploy their own versions of firmware, making the spread of viruses nearly impossible to be stopped. Hackers have deployed malicious firmware to cell phones, routers and computer motherboards in the past. These infected firmwares may also spread viruses to other devices, USB memory sticks and other computers on the network.

Manufacturers are also neglecting updates for devices. The mass production of these types of devices leave many of them neglected by manufactures and many households may be compromised. Computer and cell phone operating systems receive regular security updates and Iot devices should be treated exactly the same. Hackers are left to probe existing devices and attack in the future without any sort of resistance.

Since users may be using these devices for years, manufacturers should continue to support them for years as well. Even the Department of Defense suggests that IoT companies should come up with an road map of support and make it clear to the user.

Options for either automatic or manual updates should be given to all of their customers. Some may consider seamless updates to be a breach of privacy so consent would be ideal to consul the consumer.

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