Bruce Levenson Seeks A Financial Settlement From AIG

The termination of the contract of former Atlanta Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry has been the subject of an ongoing insurance claim between the former owners of the NBA franchise and the insurance giant AIG. Papers have now been filed with the Superior Court of Fulton County as Bruce Levenson‘s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium seeks to bring a legal end to a matter they believe should have resulted in a speedy payout from the insurance company, but has now resulted in Levenson’s legal team submitting a breach of contract claim against AIG.

ESPN describes Bruce Levenson to be one of the best known innovators in the field of communications and technology ever since he and business partner Ed Peskowitz founded the Oil Express newsletter in the 1970s. The single newsletter used the journalism skills of the University of Washington graduate and changed the oil industry newsletter sector in a short space of time, resulting in the establishment of the United Communications group; Levenson and Peskowitz have developed UCG into one of the top real time information providers for different industrial sectors ever since and continue to find success in new areas of technology and communications.

Despite the business success Bruce Levenson has achieved he has never placed a quick profit above the success of the community he works in on a regular basis. Levenson has ensured UCG remains headquartered in Washington D.C. to aid the local economy and uses his own success as a way of promoting the area in its many forms. Bruce Levenson has been a major supporter of many philanthropic groups around the Washington D.C. and Maryland areas, as well as bringing his skills as a community leader to the Atlanta area during his decade as the head of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise during its dramatic movement towards a successful future.


IAP Worldwide Has History Providing Solutions and Services to Support U.S. Governments

For 62 plus years, IAP Worldwide is the leading provider of government services for aviation, communications, energy, emergency, IT, and logistics. Local, state, and federal governments rely on IAP’s emergency responders, engineers, and professionals to provide medical relief and design technologies solutions. Our government and national services are delivered punctual, cost efficiently, and effectively, including expeditionary, infrastructures, and military base operations. We are there to provide aviation support to the military by meeting the needs of civilians and militants in emergency situations. Aviation support and solutions includes airfield engineering, operations, air traffic control, fire & safety, and maintenance.

Former names of IAP are Pan Am World Services, Inc.and Johnson Controls Worldwide before the official name change in 2005. IAP Worldwide Services has won many contracts providing transportation, temporary & permanent power, and emergency disaster relief solutions. IAP Worldwide’s first international procurement contract is with the United States Army in Saudi Arabia providing generators and supplies. As of July 2016, the corporation was holding $370 million government services contracts, but, has increased within the last few months. The U.S. Navy awarded IAP part of a $900 million contract to support humanitarian, natural disasters, and military endeavors.

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It’s been 15 years IAP Worldwide has provided services to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for emergency power during disastrous weather conditions. Our emergency responders are there immediately to support medical, power, environmental management, infrastructure assessment, and disaster relief. They are available 365 days yearly and 24 hours per day to respond to the U.S. Army Corps and provide needed services. From setting up and operating medical facilities and rooms to managing clinical waste, IAP Worldwide is always prepared to respond. Local, federal, and state governments depend on our engineers and experts to assess structure and technical systems damages.

Government and national security agencies can rely on IAP’s expeditionary and mission support to build and maintain hospitals in the field. We do the maintenance to infrastructure and provide other services, including security, utilities, recreation, healthcare, food services, and catering. IAP Worldwide is quick to respond to demands for warehouse operations, supply change operations, shipping & receiving, and international network procurement. We keep our engineers, technicians, and professionals trained to provide aviation, emergency, power, communications, and logistics services and solutions.

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A Happier Home Life With LEDs By Gooee

A happier home life for the future is built around a smarter home where each occupant of the home can exist in the settings that please them with the ability to be easily changed by the next person occupying the same space. Each person gets to live in their most comfortable environment while the next can do the same without fighting over controls or one person dominating the space more than the other.

Wirelessly controlled LED lights make this an easy endeavor. While one person may want to use the living room for entertaining friends playing a game of pool, the next person an hour later may want to curl up on the couch and read a book. Lighting controls found on the tablet can switch high intensity overhead light down to a dimmer setting and switch on a table and task lamp for reading in just the touch of a button. No getting up and fiddling with lights on a wall panel required.

Imagine the baby falls asleep in the nursery crib while the lamp across the room is left on. Instead of disturbing the babies sleep by walking across the room to switch off the light, it can be done from the downstairs couch while using the tablet and monitoring the situation on the baby cam. No interruptions necessary. Gooee WiFi enabled LED lights ( have the ability to perform at this level, and let everyone live a little more serene.

Handy Home Cleaning

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, co-founders of Handy, know that growth is no longer considered crucial for startups. New businesses are being tested on whether the big idea is reasonable enough to grow in profits without tons of cash. began in 2012. The financial crisis was receding and venture capitalists were keen for on-demand ideas. The VCs that joined with Handy suggested that the co-founders ask for more money, and focus on their start-up full time. The land grab against rivals, for the next couple of years, often meant outspending rivals.

In July 2015, Handy’s biggest competitor, Homejoy, went out of business; a bad and good news situation. The bad news was that capital markets had changed and the good news was that there wasn’t a big competitor fighting with aggressive unit economics. There was room at the company to focus on sustainability rather than pure growth.

The biggest problems Handy was facing were low ratings and complaints by customers and typical home cleaning business internal structural issues. Home cleaning businesses have a “high-cost-of-failure”.

The cheaper solution was to outsource customer service although it meant giving up some control. Both co-founders say it was a painful experience to lay off their customer service workers.

The initial loss of revenue during the rolling out of the self-service platform was worse. But as time went on, the shift to more chatbots has proved successful. It’s effective and got the company to a size that made economical sense.

Although Handy has stayed in 28 markets instead of expanding to new ones it has made gross margins positive and with the adjustments made internally the burn rate has steadily fallen. The company expects that sometime in the latter half of 2017 it will turn over profits and be able to launch in new cities and one new service, at least. For more info, visit


How Cone Marshall Has Grown To Rank Among The Best

Law is a diverse field and there are many things that law firms can work on. Some firms prefer to work on all types of cases while others choose to establish a service on a specified area. This is what Cone Marshall is known for. The firm has specialized in estate, trust and tax law and over the years has developed a strong team of professional experienced in the industry.


In New Zealand, Cone Marshall is among the most successful law firms simply because it has the highest number of clients looking for help to solve cases of commercial litigation. The reason they have been receiving many applications from clients is due to the quality that has been instilled. Cone Marshall has employed experienced professionals who are also updated on current changes in the industry to offer clients the best services. The firm offers the best procedures of resolving problems across the entire country.


During the time Cone Marshall was incepted in 1999, there was little support from the government for law firms to advance their practice. This went on for few years and there were several difficulties before in 2005 things started changing. From 2005, Cone Marshall has recorded an upward curve of development. The efficiency and quality that has been achieved over that period has attracted clients from different countries, who have benefited from the commercial litigation support the firm has been offering.


In the last one decade, Cone Marshall has spent a lot on installing a new technological infrastructure that allows clients to access their orders online. The system has allowed a faster processing of cases and has enhanced accuracy levels. It also allows clients to present their files and vital information without having to physically travel to the offices of the firm.


About the leaders behind the success

It is vital to appreciate the professionals who have taken part in building the firm to become among the leaders in the industry. Karen Marshall is a professional who has sacrificed a lot to developing Cone Marshall during the 10 years she has offered her services. She holds an executive position as the principal and has come up with unique ideas that have helped Cone Marshall to proceed towards the attainment of success. Karen Marshall works under the supervision of Geoffrey Cone, a law veteran whose presence at Cone Marshall has boosted the management team to draft winning policies.