Bellamy’s Brian Bonar’s Newest Venture

Troy Johnson of San Diego Magazine visited new Bellamy’s restaurant in Escondido and made some observations which he shared in an article on the magazine. Bellamy’s is one of Brian Bonar’s, the Scottish businessman, world class eateries, which he has been starting in San Diego area. Bonar has sourced the best talent in San Diego hence ensuring originality and quality of his dishes.

Some of the staffs were sourced from Bonar’s long time favorite restaurant in San Diego, El Bizocho. They include Trevor Da Costa and cook Mike Reidy, who is now the Executive Chef of Bellamy’s. Traditional cuisines include Mushroom Ravioli, Saffron Panna Cotta, and Parsley Risotto

According to Troy Johnson, from outside his expectations were not met, the décor of the Bellamy is just a name on a trap and yester year’s walls and booths.

The corn soup, the liquid silk blended with cream with espelette peppers, is served cold with ginger, lime juice, cilantro, and olive. The parsley-cream risotto perfectly cooked salmon, and a shaved summer truffle made crunchy with sea salt. Everything was just perfect and amazing. Bonar also has a bigger restaurant in a nearby Ranch at Bandy Canyon and intends to develop the property into a 4-star restaurant and event destination. With Ponsaty, the Master Chef of France in Escondido Bonar is ready to pull this off.

Brian Bonar is known for his large pursuance for entrepreneurship ventures, and Bellamy’s is his latest. Other companies he has had interaction with are Imaging Technologies Corporation that deals with production systems and development tools for the growing jet market.

Brian Bonar is a graduate of James Watt Technical College and also has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. He is an expert in mergers and acquisition.

Entrepreneurship has been Bonar’s life despite having studied for engineering. He is also a finance expert especially in private equity, sourcing, mergers and acquisitions, sales and venture capital. Throughout his career, Bonar has built successful companies and has also held various executive positions in various companies.

Brian Bonar started his career in 1969 as a procurement manager at IBM ( page). He founded San Diego-based AMS Outsourcing and Bezier Systems CEO where he successfully created the very first printer by use of SCSI technology.

In June 1999, Brian Bonar joined Dalrada Financial Services where he is currently the CEO. At Dalrada, he guides the firm’s sales, marketing, and management.

A post of Facebook shows that Brian Bonar’s greatest trait is the ability to analyze and solve a problem. This is due to his extensive experience in many industries from mechanical, service and business. Away from his career, Bonar is a philanthropist and supports nonprofit organizations like Boys and Girls Club, Lions Club and Escondido Children’s Museum. He has received various recognitions including the Who is who in America.

Why Is FreedomPop Adding More Free Options?

Mobile World Live came out with a piece that shows that FreedomPop is making even more talk time free for all its users. There are a lot of people who are turning to FreedomPop because they have a free service, but people can pay more if they need more data and minutes. FreedomPop already has one of the most unique business plans in the world, and now they are making it even more unique by using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is in a new partnership with FreedomPop to offer free usage to all their users, and WhatsApp usage is not going to count towards the data and minutes on someone’s plan when they are using it. This is a completely free way for people to chat, and it is an easy way for someone to get everything for free when they start with FreedomPop.

The best part of this is that anyone will be able to use the WhatsApp app no matter what their status is with FreedomPop.  The normal minutes and data on the phone can be used at any time, but people who are using WhatsApp are not cutting into those minutes at all. FreedomPop is trying to help people talk and text more, and this is a great resource for people who need it. The phones that FreedomPop offers in Spain are going to have WhatsApp on them ready to go, and everyone can get started with WhatsApp any time they want. This news is going to make FreedomPop more desirable, and it should be a precursor to what they will do in other countries in the future.

Watch this FreedomPop review

Venezuela Reverts Back to Former Time Zone

For nine years, Venezuela has had its own unique time zone, GMT -4:30 hours. Former President Hugo Chávez created this time zone back in 2007 by moving Venezuela’s time zone back thirty minutes. He wanted school children to have enough light as they walked to school.

Now as news went all over Facebook, President Nicolas Maduro has decided to revert back to the former time zone. This time, the change is due to Venezuela’s drought. The drought is so severe that the Guri Reservoir, Venezuela’s largest freshwater lake and one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, has reached record lows. Since a large percentage of Venezuela’s electricity is generated by the Guri Dam and other hydroelectric dams, the drought is creating both water and electrical shortages.
Expert Diaz Granados said “by adjusting the time zone and adding more daylight towards the end of the day, we hope that people will use less electricity”. The new time zone, GMT -4 hours, will go into effect on May 1.
To combat the power shortages, Maduro has also cut back on public sector workers’ hours and increased holidays.

Dressing your Athleisure Outfits Outside the Gym with Fabletics

Athleisure is a fashion trend where clothing that have been designed for workouts, activewear, are now being dressed out of the gym for shopping, work or other social occasions. The athleisure outfits are tights, yoga pants and leggings that resemble athletic wear. The idea behind it is that the gym clothes are getting out of the gym and turning out to be a big part of the everyday wardrobes of most people.

Julie Rice, the cofounder of SoulCycle on Youtube, believes that it is acceptable to wear athleticwear the whole day. She is notoriously known for showing up in class dressed in a yoga studio’s branded sports bras, tanks, leggings and bandanas. She is highly convinced that it is a trend and people of all ages are accepting the trend by wearing their workout any time of the day. Leggings with a long coat plus a scarf, or a cropped T-shirt dressed with a denim jacket and high heeled boots is fashionable. In fact, people buy athletic wear bearing in mind how they can dress them up from studio to streets.

Incorporating your gym wear into a daily routine wear

• Be updated with seasonal trends

Until a few years back, fitness never had any trends. It was all black, but currently it is seasonal.

• Dress for the event

Be appropriately dressed. Workout apparel from Fabletics are very easy to pick, you simply need to be careful to avoid being inappropriately dressed in something like shorts and a sports bra.

• Accessorize appropriately

Just a single piece will be required to take your workout apparels from the gym to the street.  Just ensure that you do not add an old school jacket to your wunder unders or the cat-eye shades to your zip-up sport jacket.


Elite Daily calls them a subscription retailer that is based online and deals with sportswear and accessories for women. Members of Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady are offered personalized outfits that are selected for them depending on their fashion and lifestyle preferences.

The Impressiveness of WEN by Chaz Hair Conditioner

You have probably been exposed to infomercials on QVC of many hair care lines and one that you have certainly come across is Wen Hair Care line. Emily McClure, who is a hair care enthusiast decided to put to experiment one of WEN’s products on her hair. The product was’s Wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner; this is an all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. She chose the Fig Version. (This was written at ) The amount to be used when starting the process is determined by your hair type. These are the recommendations given;

I. Long hair 24-32 pumps

II. Medium hair 16-24 pumps

III. Short hair 10-16 pumps

These are actually large amounts when compared with other cleansing conditions. She applied it on her hair and massaged it all over her scalp. She then let it stay like that for a few minutes the rinsed it. What she noticed was that the WEN conditioner seemed to have made her hair thicker and less strands fall off while she showered. Click here for more information

After taking the shower she blow-dried and was pleased by what she saw. Her hair looked shiny and showy. They were softer and the waves fell quickly. She was able to get compliments on her hair from friends and colleagues. WEN cleansing conditioner goes for $32 on

WEN is a Hair Care line that was founded by stylist Chaz Dean. It was started as an alternative method for people to use when cleansing their hair. What really makes it unique is that it is 5 in 1. This means it is your conditioner, deep conditioner, shampoo, leave-in conditioner and detangler. IT cleans the hair very well and does not have the harsh sulfates found in most shampoos. You can access them by ordering them online.


Have You Tried Wen Before?

For as long as I can possibly remember, I have been complaining about my fine hair. Whether you were my mom, best friend, stylist or a stranger I met on the street, chances are you heard about my hair struggles. Thankfully, I finally discovered a product that will change all this.

One night I was watching QVC and I noticed this man named Chaz Dean. He was talking about his new product, Wen hair. WEN Hair is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment that is known to leave hair looking extremely full. I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. Have my prayers finally been answered? I immediately placed an order for the product.

Soon, it arrived at my house. I ripped open the Wen hair package as fast as I possibly could and used it the next morning. Wow, let me tell you how good my hair looked. My strands no longer came across as thin. Instead, all of my locks looked super luscious.

I do have to say, though, if you prefer to wash your hair the night before a major event or like to skip washing your hair from time-to-time, you may want to opt for another product. It’s not that Wen won’t work on your hair, but it may leave your locks looking oily. You definitely don’t want that.

Trust me, this is one of the best decisions I ever made. Wen has truly made a huge impact on my life and now I’m not ashamed of my hair. Instead, I like to flaunt it for the whole world to see.