How Did Sanjay Shah Turn Solo Capital Into A Global Empire?


Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital (@solocapital_uk) at a time when he wanted to strike out on his own as an investor, and the company has become one of the most successful brokerage houses in the world. Solo Capital is not a single company that serves a customers. Solo Capital is a large brand that is managed by a larger corporation Sanjay uses to manage his holdings. This article explains how Sanajay Shah has grown Solo Capital from one man to a global brand.

#1: How Does Sanjay Manage His Holdings?

Aesa S.a.r.l. is the company that manages Sanjay’s holdings, and he uses the company to make his acquisitions. Solo Capital is the crown jewel of the empire, but Sanjay owns companies from Dubai to the Caribbean. His empire includes many different companies that dot Europe, and he has chosen to build his business through acquiring companies that he believes he can improve. Sanjay wants all his customers to have the best experience, and he is using each company to make customers happy.

#2: The Old Park Lane Acquisition

Sanjay has quietly purchased many smaller companies over the last few years, but his purchase of Old Park Lane was quite a coup. Sanjay purchased Old Park Lane in part to help save the brokerage house, and Sanjay purchased the company partly out of respect. Old Park Lane is an invitation only brokerage house that offers customers service that many people could only dream of. Adding Old Park Lane to the family allows Sanjay to send his best customers to an historically-great London firm.

#3: Sanjay Works In Fundraising

The family of companies around Solo Capital also helps Sanjay’s charity known as Autism Rocks. Sanjay arranges concerts around the world that raise money for autism research, and his Solo Capital family invests the money raised. Sanjay is changing the way people fundraise, and he is showing the world that there is a better way to save money for good causes.

#4: He Is Just Starting

Solo Capital is a very young company, and Sanjay is a young man who has many decades left to grow his empire. He will have quite a substantial company to hand down to his children, and he is growing through wise moves. He purchases companies that he knows will make his business stronger, and he has worked with some of the finest businessmen in the world while growing his company.

Sanjay Shah has created one of the most massive financial firms in the world. The Solo Capital family of companies numbers in the dozens, and Sanjay is continuing to grow using his quick wit and business acumen.

Bernardo Chua Realizes His Dream

Most people have plenty of dreams but they may not always do what it takes to realize them. Unfortunately, there are an overwhelming number of individuals who have relatively simple dreams that they have wanted to enjoy for years, yet they choose to remain in a place of familiarity even if they are not happy as opposed to striking out and trying something new. Fortunately, there are bold individuals such as Bernardo Chua who make the decision to put everything on the line and follow their dreams. These people do not always know that they will succeed, yet they try anyway. These are the individuals who really have what it takes to do practically anything they want because they are willing to work hard enough to see their dreams through to fruition, even though it is not always an easy journey.

Bernardo Chua’s dream was to create a company that would allow people to enjoy a product and then simultaneously enjoy health benefits as a direct result of consuming that product. He made the decision to incorporate traditional Chinese herbs into some of the best tasting, highest quality healthy coffee that has ever been sold.

Perhaps the reason that he was able to keep his dream alive while so many other people allow their own to die is because he was not simply dreaming for himself. He was also dreaming for individuals all over the world that were not getting the nutrients and supplements that they needed. As a result, people are overweight, frustrated and getting by on too little sleep. Others are suffering from certain health conditions. The end result is that the general public is not as healthy as it could be and Chua decided to do something about it by expanding into Turkey.

All of this culminated in his creation of a company called Organo Gold. This is a company that utilizes something that the overwhelming majority of the public enjoys, coffee, with the health benefits of ancient Eastern herbal remedies. It is nothing short of amazing to consider the fact that his creation gives people the ability to enjoy potentially better health while simultaneously doing something that they do on a daily basis anyway. As a result, the company has become wildly popular and Bernardo Chua reliving his dream every day.