Gulf Coast Western’s CEO Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western is the central controller of general partnerships taking place in the industry of oil and gas. The company is also known as Joint Ventures and was founded in 1970 and has its locations spread across Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

Matthew Fleeger is the current President and CEO of the company. According to the company, all its success is mainly a result of healthy relationships with its partners and clients. In Louisiana, the company has grown through two significant partnerships. Through its partners, the company acquired almost all the resources owned by the company known as Orbit Energy. Gulf Coast Western also partnered with another company known as the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration.

Partnering with the two companies has enabled the company in the development of more prospects with mutual interests in areas such as Allen, Acadia, Cameron, and St. Landry parishes. Another partnership that has benefited Gulf Western Coast is that with Northcote Energy Company that is based in southeast Louisiana. The association has enabled the company to produce close to 5 million barrels of oil effortlessly.

Moreover, the partnership also involves a multi-well drilling project in more than two areas. Alongside the exploration within areas of the Gulf Coast that are known for their oil production, the company has been exploring to try and expand to other outer regions in the United States. Gulf Coast Western continues to form partnerships and collaborations with as many big companies as possible. Matthew Fleeger is currently recognized as an expert in the oil and gas industry, as well as tanning and waste management industries.

The executive studied at the Cox Business School where he was specializing in the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and majored in marketing, finance, and management, which has helped him in his tenure around his jobs at executive positions within the waste management industry, the tanning industry, and now the oil and gas industry.

An amazing hair care product that will replace your old shampoo and conditioner that will improve your hair’s health

A form of bar or liquid soap may be used as a beauty hair care cleaning product. This shampoo is generally made to help wash your hair. It can assist in removing your hair and scalp’s natural oils. By applying the shampoo, you remove the unwanted sebum without damaging and stripping the hair. The Indian subcontinent started the actual use of shampoo throughout history. Generally, hair shampoo is applied to your wet hair and then you massage the shampoo throughout your scalp for the best results.

Conditioners are beauty hair care products that may be used to help manage as well as improve the look and appearance of your hair. According to Wikipedia, they usually reduce friction in the hair while allowing you to easily comb or brush the hair without causing any damage. Conditioners have a variety of beauty benefits. They allow the reduction of split-ends, assist your hair in repairing itself and they promote strengthening power.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong and Ample Work

Richard Liu Qiangdong is without a doubt one of the busiest executives in all of East Asia and China. He regularly heads to locations all around the world, too. He sometimes flies to the United States in order to attend events of all varieties. He occasionally takes part in interviews that pertain to his major leadership role as well. Richard Liu is’s chief executive and founder. This is no easy feat, either. happens to be an enormous retail presence in China. Investment is among Richard Liu Qiangdong’s big passions in this world. He not long ago put money into investing in a firm that’s called Farfetch. This promoted interactions that can be helpful as well. and Farfetch both have access to dazzling numbers of individuals all throughout China. Joining forces may be an effort that can fortify them both in considerable ways. doesn’t have a lot of competition in the e-commerce division. It’s a huge Chinese entity in the e-commerce category. The overall value of is thought to be approaching $60 billion. People guess that Richard Liu Qiangdong himself may have a financial value of about $11 billion. That’s the figure that Forbes magazine offers.

Richard Liu is just like many other devoted professionals in that he has a superb educational background. He was a student at an acclaimed school that was called Renmin University of China. He finished his studies at the educational institution in the middle of the nineties. He managed all sorts of things during the course of his college education. He set aside a significant degree of effort for bettering his computer programming talents. He tackled many coding assignments as a freelancer. He was a student at the China Europe International Business School as well. That’s the school that awarded him with a coveted EMBA. He searched for employment post-graduation. His efforts paid off, too. Japan Life is the name of a company that recruited him for work. Japan Life was a firm that revolved around products in the healthcare realm. He handled all sorts of business and computer issues for the company.

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Using the SEC Whistleblower Program

The SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) is a federal agency of the United States government which aims to maintain the fair and orderly function of securities markets. Investigations by the SEC into suspicious activities are a long process, sometimes taking years and the agency is only able to investigate a couple thousand cases at a time. To help this agency enforce laws and regulations on an industry which is secretive by nature, they rely on tips from industry insiders. To help bring more quality leads, the Whistleblower program was established which provides monetary rewards to individuals who provide the SEC tips which result in sanctions exceeding $1 million. This money can be substantial, as the SEC pays out between 10-30% of the sanctions that are rendered. Partly because of this program, the SEC receives more than 20,000 tips annually, with almost a quarter of these coming through the SEC Whistleblower program.

Because of the nature of whistle blowing, there are regulations in place which provide employment protections which safeguard from retaliation from employers as well as anonymous reporting. Eligibility to report to the SEC is virtually anyone, including individuals of another nationality than the United States.

The decision to provide information on illegal activity on employers or co-workers can put an individual in a difficult situation. Because of this, strong anti-retaliation protections have been put in place. These regulations protect the individual or group of individuals from even indirect action against them such as; dismissal, demotion, harassment, threats, or any action which can be distinguished as discrimination. These protections even apply if there is no legal action is brought by the SEC as long as the tip reasonably relates to possible violations.

The option for anonymous reporting aspect of the SEC whistleblower program was put in place to assist in mitigating the fear and anxiety for individuals and to increase the number of tips submitted. For an individual or group of individuals to file anonymously, a lawyer must be used as representation and the reporting party must verify their identity with the representing lawyer. This attorney will, along with advising and acting as a protective barrier between the identity of the individual and the SEC, advocate for the highest payout possible in the event of a tip being eligible for a payout. It is worth noting that before a payout resulting from a qualifying tip is paid, the individual(s) must provide their identity to the SEC.

If a person is aware of SEC violations, the best procedure is to obtain the counsel of an attorney who works or specializes in this field and begin the process of submitting a tip through the SEC Whistleblower program. Despite the process potentially taking anywhere from two to four years, the regulations in place to protect reporters and the monetary rewards make it a worthwhile endeavour.


Hussain Sajwani Secrets of Success Explained

Hussain Sajwani takes the title of chairman and chief executive officer in a prestigious real estate company called DAMAC Properties. The global organization is respected for developing property that exceeds the expectations of its customers in the competitive market. Hussain Sajwani, a great leader who started his career from scratch, has always been interested in making UAE a better place for international investors. For many years now, the businessman has been getting recognition as one of the most influential and wealthy Arabs in the world. This respect has been attributed to the success of the real estate investor in the market. When he was named the tenth wealthiest Arab in the entire world, many people were not shocked: His Company has been making millions every day for a long time.

There are so many factors that have contributed to the success of the property company. When the DAMAC owner was starting the company, he had nothing into his name. His upbringing, however, motivated him and pushed him to go a step ahead in life and invest in bigger things than what his father had done many years ago. The real estate businessman had also helped so many other investors to succeed before he could invest in real estate. While in the process of helping other people, the real estate expert was fortunate to acquire essential skills in business, and this is why his company did not have a hard time expanding and getting profits in the market. The fact that he was ready to take the risk and invest in real estate when he was still young proved that the expert was a risk taker who was willing to go for successful ventures at all costs.

Hussain Sajwani family always comes first. When his father took him to their shop when he was young, Hussain felt that this was the perfect opportunity to learn and improve his life. Many people would have refused to help, but the DAMAC owner knew the value of his family, and he was only interested in making the best life for them. This is one of the special features that have helped in his career in real estate and any other ventures that are registered under his name.

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How Dr. Panos Gikas has Changed the Surgical World

If you are looking for a doctor specializing in hip and knee joint replacement surgery and complex hip or knee reconstructions, you will want to speak with Dr. Panos Gikas who has many years of experience in this field. Dr. Gikas also has experience in cartilage and sarcoma treatment.




Panos Gikas works as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London, England as well as an honorary lecturer. Cartilage and stem cell transplantation is another important area that Dr. Gikas specializes in as well as surgical treatment for metastatic bone disease.




Additionally, Dr. Panos Gikas received his postgraduate training in London where he also attended medical school. Dr. Gikas has multiple degrees from the University of London and a PhD in General Surgery from the University of Athens. Those who need surgical management of primary and metastatic bone cancer or knee cartilage surgeries would benefit from consulting with Dr. Gikas. In addition, Dr. Panos Gikas has research experience in hip and knee reconstruction surgery as well as bone and soft tissue cancer treatment.




Some other areas of interest include robotics for knee replacement, utilizing stem cells to fix cartilage problems, and using the anterior process for hip replacement surgery. Dr. Panos Gikas has also published across the healthcare industry on the topics of knee and hip replacement surgery as well as bone cancer operations.




Best of all, Panos Gikas supports the use of the latest technology in his surgical procedures such as robotics for hip replacement surgery and stem cells for fixing problems related to soft tissue and bone cancer or cartilage issues. Dr. Gikas is also a member of the British Orthopaedic Research Society, the General Medical Council, the British Orthopaedic Oncology Society, and the Royal College of Surgeons.


Doe Deere Explains Why America Will Always Be Great To Her

The founder of the LimeCrime cosmetics brand, Doe Deere has been making waves in recent years for her unique style and her innovative approach to retail. However, what is less well known about the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur is her history as an immigrant from an isolated area of Russia who shared hardships with her family when they first arrived in New York. Doe Deere has an ultimate rags-to-riches story which continues as her business goes from strength to strength in many different sectors.

The image of Doe Deere is that of the ultra-confident businesswoman who does not stand for the traditional rules of retail or style. However, this mantle as a top business leader has been hard fought over and won while bringing her sense of style to a new country. Doe Deere was born Xenia Vorotova in the small city of Izhevsk, Russia where she lived until her teenage years.

Although the family was living a relatively successful life in Russia they yearned for the freedom and democracy of the U.S. Eventually, Deere’s accountant mother made the decision to move to New York where she believed she would be able to find work in her chosen field and provide the life she wished for her daughters. The matriarch of the family struggled to have her accountancy qualifications recognized in the U.S. and eventually worked as a cleaner before the family was eventually forced to move into a homeless shelter.

Many would have rebelled against their new country but Doe Deere used her time in the shelter to sketch the drawings which would lead to her acceptance into the New York Fashion Institute. Since leaving school, Doe Deere has established her vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics line and launched the Poppyangeloff fashion brand. Despite her early struggles, Doe Deere believes the U.S. is still the land of opportunity and should be celebrated as such.,999812.html#.W1iT-NVKjIU

Waiakea Water- Unique water brand

Waiakea water is a bottled water company based in Hawaii. It is a brand that stands above all others in the industry. What makes it be on top of others is that it is superior in terms of quality. It also has one advantage over others; it sold in degradable bottles. This is something that you cannot find with other companies. As a company that prides itself in environmental protection, this is the best proof that it means every promise they make. It has also been verified by as Carbon Neutral since they use vehicles that produce small amounts of carbon in supply. To add on top, the company has committed three percent of the revenue they make to community projects. They want to help the community become better through environmental conservation. They have also made a commitment to support people living in drought-stricken areas in Africa, for every little of water that is purchased, they are providing a week’s supply of clean water in Malawi.

Waiakea will become the first water company to sell water in 100 percent degradable bottles. It is the first time that such a thing is happening in the world. It is estimated that the bottles they will be manufacturing will degrade in 15 years, unlike other plastics that take over 1000 years to decompose. It is not possible to find another brand of water that cares about the environments and their customers such as Waiakea. If you would like to benefit from a superior brand, then this is the brand to go for. Waiakea has managed to eclipse other companies by doing something that has never been implemented in the past.

Another thing that makes brand superior is that it is Hawaiian volcanic water. Hawaii is one of the cleanest places on earth and therefore getting water from such as place makes a huge difference. Anything from Hawaii is associated with being natural. Waiakea water has lived up to that perception since it gets its water directly from the volcanic mountains of Hawaii, the water is naturally filtered as it comes down the Mauna Loa Volcano.

Why End Citizens United Is Backing Texas’ Beto O’Rourke For The US Senate

One of the Democratic candidates that the End Citizens United PAC has endorsed is Beto O’Rourke who is running against the incumbent Senator Ted Cruz. One would think a Democrat running for the Senate in Texas of all places would stand no chance of ever winning. Many polls, though, show he has a fighting chance. He will likely lose but that he’s made an actual race of it is remarkable and shows how tired many voters are of Republicans.

End Citizens United is a national organization that solely focuses on reducing the amount of influence money has in Washington D.C. They were established on March 1, 2015, in the nation’s capital. They ran a poll of the Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz race in July and it showed Cruz leading 45 to 37 percent. Earlier in the year, Cruz had led by as much as 18 percent so O’Rourke has been gathering quite a bit of support. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

Many agree that Ted Cruz is one of the most unlikeable politicians in America which really says something. People have said that the biggest danger to his losing his reelection campaign is himself and his inherent unlikeability. Meanwhile, as voters get to know more about Beto O’Rourke they like him and what he stands for.

The team at End Citizens United notes that Ted Cruz always put his own interests and those of his corporate backers over what his constituents need and want. He was one of the Senators that shut down the government which resulted in thousands of federal employees losing work and pay.

End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rourke because he won’t take campaign money from corporate political action committees. A number of environment PACS have also endorsed him such as the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund. Republican’s have spent years claiming climate change doesn’t exist but now that most people can plainly see that’s not the case getting endorsed by an environmental group is a pretty big deal. As more and more voters care about the health of the global environment O’Rourke could pick up more votes and possibly win his election.



The Expansion And Achievements Of OSI Food Solutions

From its establishment in 1909, OSI has been leading in Theo world of food processing in meat products. It has been expanding gradually from a family meat market to a wholesale meat store to Otto and Sons in 1928, and finally the OSI industries in 1975. During its growth, it has tapped the international market by expansions and acquisitions of other meat processing industries. In the mid 20th century, it’s expansions were centered in Chicago and nearby areas where it built plants and absorbed other businesses. Here is a simple illustration of the growth and expansion of OSI Industries in that era.

In 1990, OSI Food Solutions collaborated with General millers and Alaska milk corporations for the GenOSI processing company.

In ’95, the industry ventured into the Indian market and established Vista Processed foods. In 1996, Moy Park was acquired by OSI which was later sold to Marfrig twelve years later.

Here are more recent expansions of OSI food solutions under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin.

Purchase of Baho Foods. This industry produced and supplied several snack foods and Demi meats to a German and Netherlands market. OSI Industries acquired Baho to expand its market and reach in the Netherlands. Baho is said to maintain its structural organization model while OSI food solutions executives work with them for success and growth.

The European acquisition, Flagship Europe. In 2016, The food solutions aimed to increase its production to reach and service the European market. This ambitions led to the European flagship acquisitions, which later called creative foods Europe. Previously, the UK food plant had acquired Calder foods to expand its own market.

Tyson Food acquisition. This Chicago food plant was acquired in 2017. OSI food solutions targeted it in particular for its large space; about 200000 square feet. This would be useful when increasing production for the rapidly growing demand in America. The industry was to be redesigned to fit the assorted meat production of OSI since it previously produced poultry products only.

OSI food solutions won the 2016 Globe of Honor for environmental risk management. It was listed at 58 largest private food processing company in the world, due to its high-quality products and consistent customer services over the last century.

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